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KCLSU has a typo nightmare, urging students to buy tickets for ‘Varisty’ games

We see you

With London Varsity Series starting tomorrow, students haven't got long to buy their tickets to watch KCL and UCL battle it out in the hope of becoming this year's London Varsity Series Champion. Whilst that's all very well and good, KCLSU is a little busy promoting something similar, but not quite the same – 'varisty'.

I see you, 'Varsity', and the KCLSU and I raise you – Varisty. A new word, defined by the KCLSU. Not just a word, but a new and exciting concept.

Sweet, sweet Varisty.

Did you see the Varisty game? Damn good game that was. Absolutely thrashed them.

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Are you going to any Varisty games? Oh come along, it'll be good fun.

Get your tickets for Varisty here! Watch KCL utterly EMBARRASS UCL.

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What do you mean, VARSITY game? You fool. Idiot, you think he'd know how to say and spell Varisty after attending a university like King's.

Hello? Hi, yeah, no, can't talk right now. I'm watching the Varisty game. I said I'm watching the VARISTY game. I'll call you later.

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At the end of the day, all publicity is good publicity, and you can get your tickets for all 'Varisty' games here.

KCLSU have been contacted for a response.