YO, LISTEN UP: Bush House rooftop café to be converted into Waterfront 2.0

The God of all student bars is COMING BACK

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Unless you’re a fresher this year (or just a certified "Sad Boi"), you will of course have precious, fond memories of Waterfront, the sexiest of student bars that overlooked the Thames.

Well The King’s Tab are thrilled to announce that miserable, underground Vault pints are soon to be a thing of the past, as the rooftop café on the eighth floor of the most beautiful of King's Buildings, Bush House, is soon to be converted into ‘Waterfront 2.0’.

Here’s everything we know so far…

The name

The bar will actually be called "Waterfront 2.0’. We don’t know which creative genius is responsible, but who cares? It's got such sweet memories attached to it, could it really have been called anything else?

When is it opening?

This is TBC, although it is expected to open ready for next year. Work on the existing venue will presumably take place during the summer, to cause minimal disruption to students.

The terrace

The current terrace will double up as both an outside cafeteria area in the day, overlooking the city’s sexy skylines, but during the night… IT WILL BECOME AN OUTDOOR DANCE FLOOR – imagine those summer parties!!!

We can hear Earth, Wind & Fire’s September on loop already…and picture the sharky third years in John Lennon glasses trying to hide their wrinkles… help us all.

An artist's impression

One of the reasons for bringing Waterfront back, listed in KCL’s proposal, cited the "good vibes that brought people together" – they’re not wrong, a Waterfront burger and jug of Snakebite really is the stuff of legend.

Here it is, the stuff of dreams…

Not only will the new venue overlook the Thames, we'll also have the London Eye to gaze at. That's some peak eighth floor viewz.

So there we have it, 2019/20 really will be the year that new treasured memories are made… and possibly dignity lost. Cheers to that.

The future?

Cover photo credit: Gabriel Mary Leavey

Before you get too excited, check the date. RIP in peace.