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We know what type of Krispy Kreme doughnut you are based on your King’s habits

No personality test has ever been more accurate

Hurt. Shocked. Betrayed. Just three of the hundreds of feelings running through every KCL student’s mind at the news of Pret’s £1.5bn sale to the owner of Krispy Kreme. Will this change our Pret lifestyle forever?!

Our beloved sandwich-study hotspot is at risk of being transformed into Peppermint Mocha-Hazelnut Latte hell, and in case it all goes tits up, we need to have contingency plans in place. Does EAT do good coffee? Can we afford a solid Press coffee everyday?

Nobody is suggesting they’ll replace our beloved Berry Blast or Carrot & Ginger juices with unhealthy brands, but it does raise the question, will the health-kick ideology remain so strongly prevalent throughout Pret-a-Manger?

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It’s time to find out exactly which doughnut you are and why. Are you a Original Glazed? Chocolate Dreamcake? Chocolate Sprinkles? Now you will be prepared knowing which Krispy Kreme to buy after your £6 Coconut Milk Pret Porridge.

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