King’s wants to trial three daily exam slots in January including a 9am start

Morning exams would start at 9am rather than 10am

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King's Timetabling, the department in charge of both module and exam timetables, wants to trial a third exam slot during the upcoming January exams so that fewer students have two exams in one day.

Currently, the percentage of students with two exams in one day is 11 per cent, and they are hoping to get this to four per cent with the new changes. The department have also guaranteed that no student would have three exams in one day due to the new implements.

KCLSU have sent an email to all students explaining the proposed changes and urging students to fill out this survey, which will be sent to King's Timetabling and will likely influence whether these changes are indeed implemented next year.

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The proposed changes would mean that Tuesday and Thursday exams would start at 9am rather than 10am as they have done in previous years.

In the current system, the first set of exams would take place between 10:00 and 13:00, while the second set would be between 14:30 and 17:30.

Under the new system, the first exams would kick off 9:00 to finish at 11:00, followed by sessions at 12:15-14:15 and 15:30-17:30.

In an email sent to all students, KCLSU have said that the department originally planned to implement the changes in May, to allow "for a longer consultation period with all of us", but they decided that "due to the potential positive or negative impact this could have we have decided to consult on an urgent basis for the January exam attempts".

If the survey receives a small number of responses from students or if those responses are negative, King's Timetabling will not implement the trial period and the timetables for the January 2019 exams will continue to adhere to the old system.