Your guide to a Cardiff Uni Hot Girl Walk

How to get hotter by stepping further and further away from Cathays

A Hot Girl Walk is not simply a mooch around a large open space with a song on. The Hot Girl Walk promotes a method that simultaneously betters both your mental health and physical fitness.  Mainly advertised under the vice of becoming the idealised IT girl, Hot Girl Walks also encourage more people to get up and out of the house.

Luckily, this task is easily achievable and doesn’t discriminate against penniless students. For one to effectively Hot Girl Walk, one must understand the fundamentals, the philosophy, and understand how to harness the innate hotness within oneself. So The Cardiff Tab has mocked up an easy guide to help follow.

Step one: Eat and Hydrate

  • Eating a hearty meal – with lots of protein – is one of the best ways to prepare. For example, scranning some eggs with toast and avocado is foolproof.
  • Secondly, you need to grab yourself a water bottle – it doesn’t need to be obnoxiously large – but it does have to make you happy and provide some support as you will be spending a lot of time with it. Then fill the vessel with an inordinate amount of water because hydration is good but building muscle carrying this beast around is a bonus.

Step two: The Audio  

  • Secondly, you must choose your audio of choice. This is imperative as it dictates the whole mood for the walk. I would say the three streams of media to choose from are podcasts, music, and an audiobook.   
  • Download that playlist. Steer clear from the Pheobe Bridgers and head over to the realm of Maisie Peters.
  • Or even better, educate yourself. As an English lit girlie, it is imperative to get through the syllabus but if you are a normal person, then listen to a self-help book or funny memoir. Authors such as Florence Given and Dolly Alderton are good places to start.
  • Otherwise, A trusty podcast is even better. 

Step three: Set the intention. You are only allowed to focus on these three things  

  1. What you are grateful for.
  2. Your goals.
  3. How hot you are.

This thought process is important and let the music/podcast and book reiterate just how incredible you are

Step 4: Feeling your best   

  • Feeling your best is a crucial point. Whether the aesthetic is frazzled English woman, Hot soccer mummy, or It girl. It’s important to choose the character you are feeling. Don your favorite athleisure wear, best trench coat, or designer handbag, and WALK.

Now onto the good bit…  

Bute Park

One of the closest and prettiest parks near Cathays, Bute Park has designated paths and lots of greenery to be your ideal spot for a Hot Girl Walk. Walk around the castle or back up to Taly if you fancy a walk down memory lane. And if it’s a particularly miserable day, you can treat yourself to a big Tesco sweet treat. 

Top Coffee spots:

  • Broadies   
  • The secret garden   
  • The summerhouse café   
  • Hoffi Coffi – (if you are coming from Cathays) 
  • Costa coffee 


Pontcanna is arguably on the nicer side of the river Taf and offers a new neighborhood full of Lucy and Yak-wearing, cockapoo-owning individuals who do live a different reality to us mere Cathays survivors. 

Top Coffee spots:

  • KIN +ILK 
  • Ground Bakery 
  • Alex Gooch  
  • The Wardrobe Coffee Shop 

Alexandra Gardens

If one is looking for a shorter and dark academic walk, Alexandra Gardens is the perfect place to roam around, especially in the spring term.

Top coffee spots:

  • Broadies   
  • Costa Coffee   
  • Greggs

Roath Recreational Ground

Again an ideal shorter walk if you live in the general Roath area or are looking for a new walk.

Top coffee spots:

Any coffee shop down Wellfield Road is a safe bet however some honourable mentions:

  • Coffee #1
  • Waterloo Tea
  • Blossom Cafe
  • Juno Lounge
  • Cafe Nero

Roath Park

If you fancy extending your Roath Rec walk or you are a massive lake enthusiast, then Roath is a good place to stomp around. The circular route is ideal for when you need a slightly longer walk with a high probability of a swan or two swimming around.

Top coffee spots:

  • Terra nova  
  • Roath Park ice cream kiosk
  • Ten Maryport Coffee Shop
  • Gathering Ground

Heath Park

Heath Park is perfect for all you lovely medical students who need a quiet five minutes to cry about choosing one of the hardest courses. Similarly, also an ideal spot to try and pick up a future doctor if you are into that. 

Top Coffee spots: