The ultimate Cardiff Uni pub crawl route

A tried and tested guide to the best pub crawl route for Cardiff University students

This is a guide to the ultimate Cardiff University pub crawl route. Whether you’re out for pub golf, fancying a bit of variety or one pint at your first stop has escalated at the mention of “pub crawl?” Why stop at one pub when you can stop at six?

This is your route that is guaranteed for a fun night.

Starting point: The Flora

Begin the crawl at cosy pub, The Flora. The perfect place for a nice pint and maybe a game of pool. This pub also has a great outdoor area with lots of room for a big group of friends. Pint price: £3.55 for a Carlsberg.

Pub two: The Mackintosh

The next stop is the best in Cathays for a cheap and cheerful drink among other Cardiff University students. Also, this pub offers student discount on selective drinks, if you have your physical student ID. On weekends it can get quite rammed, so maybe start the pub crawl early on Fridays and Saturdays to avoid the bar queues. Pint price: £4.60 for a Stella.

Pub three: Gassy’s

Next stop is Gassy’s, check out the daily deals on different drinks such as £2.75 pints or two doubles for £7. A good selection of cocktails here such as, Espresso Martinis and Strawberry Daiquiris if you are getting fed up of drinking pints!

Pub four: Misfits

Misfits is an essential stop for a pop-in for a quick shot before you continue your crawl into town. Alternatively, try one of their cocktail buckets if you are feeling like you need a warm-up for the walk to town. Tip- get a Jäger Bomb for £1.50.

Pub five: Wetherspoons

As you probably know, there are many options of which Spoons you can go to in town. However, for this pub crawl route Central Bar would be along the way. If you’re on a budget, a pint here is only £2.86, although it is Carling so you might want to spend a little more for a nicer pint. Alternatively, opt for a shot if downing pints isn’t your forte.

Pub six: Boom Battle Bar

This place is so much fun, with every game you can imagine: Pool, darts, table tennis and even mini golf. Have a drink, a boogie and play some of the games because by now the drinks will definitely have hit.

To end the night: Live Lounge

If you’re now feeling ready for a dance, fancy heading somewhere a bit more lively, it’s a quick walk down the high street to Live Lounge. Great if you like cheap shots and sing-along classics. Be aware, on weekends the queue can be very long so take this into account when following this route.

Other recommendations:

If you are a fresher living in Taly you may want to begin your pub crawl at the Blackweir or the North Star for convenience.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy the walk to central town you could add the Vulcan Lounge and the Woodville for a Cathays pub crawl. However, in town there are many more lively bar/clubs I would recommend such as Heidi’s, Kongs or District if you’re wanting to switch up your usual choices.

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