We asked ChatGPT for a Cardiff Uni bucket list and here’s what it said

Never knew ChatGPT was a fan of Welsh cakes


Apologies to Cardiff tour guides, but AI may be stealing your jobs. With most students lugging their way through this semester waiting for Christmas, and secretly using ChatGPT to paraphrase their essays, we thought we’d put the generative AI bot to a more (or less) productive use.

We’ve enlisted our mutual best friend,¬† ChatGPT to compile a list of must-do activities and experiences in Cardiff. Here’s what it came up with.

‘Explore Cardiff Castle: Start by visiting the iconic Cardiff Castle, which is right in the city centre. Take a guided tour and learn about its rich history’

Well, that’s an impressive start. Cardiff Castle is a must-visit, offering a delightful blend of history and architectural beauty. Exploring its medieval walls and lush gardens will brighten any day, whether you start early in the morning or take in the enchanting views as the sun sets. If you can’t be bothered to buy a ticket to go into the castle you can always get that iconic photo outside the castle grounds for free whilst still getting that ideal Instagram pic.

‘Attend a rugby match: Wales is passionate about rugby, and catching a game at Principality Stadium (formerly Millennium Stadium) is a must. Experience the electric atmosphere’

Of course, how can you live in the heart of Wales without having ever ticked off going to a rugby match? The vibes, passion, and atmosphere seen all throughout the stadium throughout a game will turn you into a rugby fan if you aren’t one already.

‘Study in Bute Park: This beautiful park is adjacent to the university and offers a peaceful place to study or relax’

Not too sure about studying in Bute Park, but with how massive the park is, you can definitely find a quiet area where you may not even know how to find your way back. Anyway, if you’re like most uni students and are looking for a way to avoid that assessment due soon, a stroll through Bute seeing many squirrels and embracing nature is something you could try out.

‘Join a student society: Cardiff University has a wide range of societies, from sports clubs to academic interests. Find one that suits your passion and join in the fun’

I don’t quite get why this is a bucket list item, but if you haven’t done this yet, you are missing out on one of the most enriching aspects of university life. You aren’t a true university student if you’ve enthusiastically registered and paid for memberships in numerous societies, only to later discover that you’re struggling with the classic “fresher’s commitment dilemma”, leading to a few abandoned memberships. It’s alright usually a few of these overpriced memberships pay off and you can make some long-lasting friendships.

‘Try Welsh cuisine: Taste traditional Welsh dishes like cawl (a hearty soup) and Welsh rarebit (cheese on toast) at local restaurants’

Coming to Cardiff for the first time, the most notable introduction to Welsh cuisine is often the warm welcome gift of a Welsh cake from accommodation. While it’s not the pinnacle of culinary experiences, it’s a pleasant gesture. Plus, if your non-Welsh friends come down, you have to give them a taste of the infamous Welsh cake. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to break away from the routine of go-to pesto pasta or dry sandwiches, exploring various Welsh dishes can be a rewarding adventure.

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