We asked ChatGPT to plan the perfect Cardiff student night out

Your new drinking partner might be Artificially Intelligent

Some people use AI sites like ChatGPT to write their essays, but if you’re looking to avoid a plagiarism case and fancy a bevvy, look no further, because we used it to plan the perfect Cardiff night out. We asked our friend ChatGPT ‘give me a cheap night out in Cardiff for a student’. Here we broke down the response it gave us:

‘Start your night with a pre-drinks session with your friends. You can buy some affordable drinks from local supermarkets such as Aldi, Lidl or Tesco.’

This is a pretty solid start to any student’s night out, and it saves mega bucks on drinks to prepare your own squadka rather than fork out for endless double voddy cokes. Whether you’d class Tesco as ‘affordable’ is up to you.

‘Head to The Woodville pub on Woodville Road, near the student area of Cathays. It offers cheap drinks, a pool table, and has a friendly atmosphere.’

You’re suitably tipsy and now you want a cheeky round on the way to the club. The Woodville is a pretty decent shout, thank you ChatGPT, especially if you’re off to the SU. I wouldn’t call it the absolute cheapest of pubs, but the vibes are immaculate and there’s something about a drunk game of pool that really gets the night going.

‘If you want to continue the party, head to Live Lounge or Soda Bar, both located on Mill Lane in the city centre. They often have free entry or student discounts, and great deals on drinks.’

Now, the eagle-eyed among you will notice that Soda doesn’t actually exist anymore, and is now Heidi’s. Live Lounge also is not on Mill Lane, so I think the lesson here is don’t get your directions from an AI bot. But it’s undeniable that Liveys is an absolute classic Cardiff student night out, so we rate this suggestion a solid 7/10.

‘If you’re feeling peckish, check out the many affordable late-night food options in the city. From classic kebab shops to gourmet burger bars, you’re sure to find something that fits your budget.’

The end of the night is here, and ChatGPT knows you’re hungry. We weren’t presented with any actual options, so we probed a bit further, and discovered that its idea of an ‘affordable late-night food option’ is Dorothy’s on Chippy Lane, which is so fair. Nothing like a kebab to soak up all those VKs.

‘Finish off the night with a stroll through Bute Park, located in the heart of the city. It’s a great place to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery, and you can even catch a glimpse of Cardiff Castle if you’re lucky.’

Ok, here’s where it all goes downhill. Any Cardiff resident with any sense knows that a stroll through Bute Park at 3am, drunk and clutching a kebab, is definitely a bad idea. Maybe stick to splitting the cost of an Uber.

So, what have we learned? Although some of its suggestions are a bit rogue, ChatGPT can plan a pretty decent night out. I’ve had considerably worse nights planned by actual humans, so see you all down the Woody?

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