Tesco has increased their meal deal price: This is what Cardiff students think about it

‘How am I meant to live, laugh and love in these conditions?’

Tesco has increased the price of their iconic meal deal for the first time in over a decade. Lovingly known as the “£3 meal deal”, Tesco has decided to break hearts and increase the price to £3.40 for Clubcard members and £3.90 for non-members.

However, Tesco isn’t the only company to increase the cost of their meal deal as Boots have raised its price to £4.19 in London and £3.99 in the rest of the UK.

So, we decided to ask Cardiff University students how they felt about that change, and honestly, heartbroken doesn’t even cover it:

‘The price increase is leading to a dark thoughts increase tbh […] that literally gives me no hope for the future’ – Alice, Journalism and Communications

Please can someone find Alice the support they need in these dark times, although Alice was joking (we hope), we also agree with them on this one.

‘I’m wondering if coming to the UK was a good decision tbh!’ – Yashi, MA Journalism

Honestly, the main selling point of the UK was the £3 Tesco meal deal, now we don’t have that, we have nothing.

‘£3.40, what a pisstake’ – Heather, Law

Even if you only have one meal deal a week, we’ve worked out the extra 40 pence will equate to over £20 extra a year. Heather, you are right.

‘My day is ruined’ – James, MA Marketing

Poor James, we firmly believe the highlight of his day was a £3 meal deal. We hope he finds one somewhere else.

However, there is hope as Cardiff Uni’s SU are doing £2 lunches which include jacket potatoes, pasta bakes and hot dogs. These are available between 1pm and 3pm Monday to Friday.

‘You are joking!’ – Ed, History and Politics

Ed, the meal deal enthusiast, has been understandably heartbroken by the news. As a frequent meal deal buyer and rater, he has been shaken to the core by the price increase. He is shook that Clubcard holders have been thrown to the kerb so easily and feels that his loyalty isn’t appreciated. Our thoughts are with him at this difficult time (he’s actually okay, don’t worry).

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