University of South Wales graduate shakes it up with booming milkshake business

The ‘freakshakes’ really are bringing the boys to the yard

A University of South Wales graduate has launched their own milkshake company and business is booming!

Skye Noman created Oh My Shakes two years ago when studying psychology at the University of South Wales and her business is now booming. She specialises in “freakshakes” and creates them for all different occasions including Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Since Oh My Shakes creation, Skye has been able to go mobile, selling her shakes from her converted T25 Volkswagen Camper and although she is primarily based in Cardiff. Going mobile has allowed her to expand her business to Swansea and Bristol, and she is hoping to add more vans to her fleet in the future.

In an interview with Wales Online, she reveals her motivation for starting up in the Covid-19 pandemic: “It was quite a horrendous time for everybody so I came up with this idea of creating such a product that would then be able to be delivered to just add that extra kindness to somebody’s day.”

Oh My Shakes aims to cater for everyone, and includes gluten free options and an alternative vegan recipe for all shakes. Skye also promises that she doesn’t plan on changing her prices in the near future: “We tend to keep ours fixed just so it’s fair because not everything rises – your monthly wage doesn’t rise. We don’t tend to put our prices up just for the sake of others.”

If you fancy hitting up Oh My Shakes for delivery this spooky season, they’ll turn out in full Halloween spirit, with promises of costumes and a fully decorated van. The aptly named ‘Freakshakes’ include ‘Witch Please?’, which comes decked out with its very own witches hat, and ‘Ghosted’, a terrifyingly cute white-chocolate option. There are delivery slots available from 28th to 31st October.

Skye also said that when Christmas comes, she’ll be dressing up as Santa to do her deliveries.

Featured Image: Skye Noman, Facebook

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