New bowling alley that’s open until 3:30am set to open on Cardiff’s Queen Street

There will be a bar and live music

Roxy Lanes is hoping to open a new branch on Cardiff’s Queen Street which will include bowling, an arcade area and a bar. According to its planning application, it is also asking to host live music there too.

The establishment will be above Superdrug and is hoping to be open until 3:30am Thursday-Saturday.

However, some of Cardiff’s councillors are concerned about the property being turned into a licensed establishment with Cathays Councillor, Norma Mackie saying Cardiff could potentially lose business if shops continue to turn into licensed premises. She continued by saying: “Shoppers are likely to be exposed to more intoxicated people with the anti-social behaviour that brings, putting off more people and especially families from coming to Queen Street and creating more work for the police and other services.”

Roxy Lanes specified in their planning application that: “75 per cent of our custom is pre booked in advance allowing us to vet our customers rather than just being a circuit drinking stop off.” They also said that the focus of their establishment is “competitive socialising” and that they have an “impeccable” health and safety record.

This will be Roxy Lanes’ fourth branch with there being three already in Bristol, Edinburgh and Leeds.

Cardiff Council are expected to release a decision on the application soon.

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