We took a chance on ABBA society: Here’s what happened

Friday night and the lights were low at their first meeting of the year


Thank you for the music, ABBA Society, even though only one ABBA song was played all night.

We joined the group for the second half of their night as they were dancing the night away in Heidi’s, encouraging us to channel our inner Donna and the Dynamos and have a sing-song alongside them.

Unfortunately, the Heidi’s DJ had to cater to the taste of everybody in the venue, not just the ABBA Society, so we will excuse the lack of 70s hits on this occasion.

Despite only launching this year, we can certainly expect the ABBA Society to become one of the most popular societies on campus in no time. Celebrating all things ABBA, Mamma Mia, and 70s; my, my, how could anyone resist them?

We chatted to society president, Jarred, and it seems that the group has plenty of activities planned for the rest of the year, including Mamma Mia film nights, ABBA karaoke and various themed nights.

We also asked one of the most controversial questions you can ask an ABBA fan: Mamma Mia 1 or Mamma Mia 2? Perhaps unsurprisingly, the society members struggled to reach a unanimous decision, but agreed that the Mamma Mia 1 is just iconic (even though some voted for Mamma Mia 2 simply because of Lily James).

The times and locations of their weekly meetings vary so keep an eye on their Instagram @cardiffabbasociety to keep up with what they’ve got planned next. We’re told that as long as you’re a fan of ABBA, and all things 70s, you’ll fit in just fine.

If you are interested in joining this lovely group of dancing queens, check out their Instagram for more info and buy a membership from the SU website where you can also sign up to receive their regular newsletter and exclusive discount opportunities.

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