These are the most underrated pubs in Cardiff that you just can’t miss

Because you’ve got to have a drink while you’re in Wales, right?

If you’re a university student, you’ll know that the year ahead will bring with it a whole lot of new experiences, many of which will probably include alcohol.

Whether you’re into having chilled drinks with your friends or fully sending it on a karaoke mic, Cardiff certainly has a pub with your name on it. So here is a list, though not in order, of our favourite pubs in Cardiff. 


Cathays is where most Cardiff students live, so of course it is has a number of pubs that house cheap drinks, great music and a fun atmosphere. If you’re a student looking for a pub to start with, this is the one. It offers the usual taps for drinks as well as an extensive cocktail menu (often with 2-for-1 deals), and has plenty of seating both inside, and outside. It hosts a variety of events throughout the week such as quiz nights and showings of live sport, easily making it one of the best places to catch a game at or just hang out with your flatmates.

Pen & Wig

Pen and Wig is a personal favourite of mine. It’s clean, quaint and quietly nestled up in CF10. I dare say, a well-kept secret until now. It has one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Cardiff and an atmosphere that feels very Gilmore Girls-esqe; the brown, the wood vibe, the yellow fairy lights, the garden, it has it all. It also houses a large selection of brewery beers so if you’re into craft beers, it’s right up your street. The staff are super friendly and welcoming, (shout out to the girl who introduced me to apple cider with a dash of blackcurrant, and changed my drinking experience for life). Plus their food is to die for, which is the cherry on top.

Prince of Wales

Of all the Wetherspoons in Cardiff to choose from, this one certainly tops the list. Opened in 1878 as the Theatre Royal serving as an actual theatre, and later renamed the Prince of Wales in 1935. Unlike many Spoons buildings, this one is actually really interesting to look at and is just structurally gorgeous. My favourite part has to be the stairway that leads onto the second floor which is designed almost like a theatre stage. The vibes are immaculate and once you get a cocktail pitcher down, the whole place really hits different.

Tiny Rebel

If you’re a beer person, Tiny Rebel should definitely be on your radar. They have a huge selection of craft ales and beers on tap and is usually buzzing with rock music, it’s the perfect man cave. It tends to get quite busy later at night, so if you don’t like crowds then perhaps visit at lunchtime and try one of their signature burgers.


The first time I went to Porters was on a date, and since then I have found myself turning into a bit of a regular there. Their open mic nights are unmissable, boasting some of the best live music the city has to offer. Grab your gang and get comfy on the cozy sofa that gives big Central Perk energy. The atmosphere is chill and the drinks aren’t too expensive, although I hear that they should be moving into a new building soon so will have to take a look once they’ve opened up.

The Vulcan Lounge

Of course I’m going to throw in another Cathays pub.  This one has retro arcade games, a pool table, and some really interesting décor literally everywhere you look. The staff are friendly, drinks are fairly priced, and like most pubs around Cathays, they host a number of fun evenings including comedy nights and open mics, of course. Go solo, as a duo or a group, take friends or make new ones there – it can all happen here.

Traders Tavern

The number of people that this petite-looking pub can serve in one go is alarming – even on game day. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to go after a concert in the Motor Point Arena or have just finished a work shift, with or without your buddies, this is the place to be. The staff are really lovely, it’s nice and clean, and it has super affordable drinks and food, so it’s got a thumbs up from me.

The Corporation Yard

Though not necessarily a pub, I couldn’t ignore this place. It houses a curation of some of Cardiff’s finest street food vendors, varieties of alcohols and local shops, some of which change on a regular basis so customers will always find something new. As well as food that tastes as good as it looks, they offer a selection of cocktails and drinks which means that there really is something for everyone. It is a little further from the main town than some of the others on this list, but the community vibe you feel as soon as you enter it is definitely worth the trek.

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