What your favourite flavour of VK says about you as a Cardiff student

The Cardiff Uni SU buys more VKs than the whole of Scotland for a reason

If you’re a student and in Cardiff, we’re not even going to question if you’ve had a VK, we know you have. YOLO has been seen to sell two VKs, and a jungbomb for £7 before, and it would be criminal not to.

With the variety of flavours we know you have a favourite, so here it is: what your favourite VK says about you.

VK Blue:

You’re clearly pretty carefree. You go into the club, wearing a white t-shirt that will be later stained blue after a spillage on the dance floor, and you won’t bat an eye. You probably don’t care that your sick will be bright blue, in fact, you will probably take photos of it and find it hilarious. You’ll neck on with a stranger, and not notice that your mouth is blue.

You’re who we want to be on a night out, you’re the main character, and you probably think another pint will cure your hangover.

VK Passionfruit and Orange:

Oh, you’re fun. You’re really fun, and you have to let everyone know that “last night was a movie”, and you can’t experience anything without posting it on your private story. You battle with a two-day hangover, but that won’t stop you, as, at this point, you’re not entirely sure if you have a personality outside of the doors of Juice.

Keep being you, you’re always a good laugh on a night out, and you’re always up for a late-night takeaway, and everyone loves you for that.

VK Apple and Mango:

Please, please, please go outside and get a breath of fresh air. Are you ok? No, seriously, are you doing alright? You’re messy, probably a second year who got dragged out of the pit of your room and is just waiting for an excuse to go home.

It’s okay, we know you’re a fun person even if you don’t like going out every night. You may not be the most fun, but you’re definitely the most drunk on your alcoholic J2Os.

VK Strawberry and Lime:

Do you even exist? If you do, pick something else, sorry.

VK Watermelon:

You’re edgy. You cuff your jeans, you wear fishnets or cargo trousers to a club night. You wear sunglasses inside. You never get hungover. You’re effortlessly cool and freshers are dying to be friends with you, or be you.

If you’re female-identifying, you love a pint and have a favourite football team. If you’re male-identifying, you probably paint your nails, wear vans instead of air forces, and have a photography account. Please let me be your friend.

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