10 BeReals that sum up the life of a Cardiff student

Are you even a Cardiff student if you haven’t done these?

Cardiff Uni of vs Met Rugby

The rivalry between University of Cardiff and Cardiff Metropolitan is one of long history and the iconic yearly rugby match between the two saw over 4,000 tickets sold this year. 

Getting a ticket for the game is almost as impossible as getting a ticket for Glastonbury festival due to the immense popularity for this competitive event which pits the two universities against each other in a battle on the field and in the stands.

For those lucky few who got to witness Cardiff Uni’s spectacular win, we hope you got into the spirit as much as Emma and her friends did.

A study date at Metchy’s

Metchy’s Cafe is a popular spot for university students with their optimal campus location, delicious range of food, including their popular all day breakfast which is a standard hangover cure for many Cardiff students, and free Wi-Fi .

Not only does Sophie capture this iconic venue in her BeReal but Lidl even gets a cheeky feature, and no one can call themselves a university student unless they’ve experienced the queues at Lidl.

(Although, I don’t advise you to try shopping there on a Sunday unless you fancy being trampled on by a stampede of students with empty fridges and hangover headaches as they battle over the last protein yogurt on the shelf.) 

Just being hungover in general

Talking of hangovers, Sophia perfectly depicts every student waking up after a Wednesday YOLO night as they contemplate their life, and whether their 9 am is really worth attending (it’s not, but don’t tell your lecturer I said that).

Being a Cardiff fitness queen

The OVO Next bikes, which are conveniently sprinkled all across Cardiff, are a great way to get across the city without having to do 10,000 steps or wait ages for a bus.

They’re perfect at letting you see some of the iconic sites such as Cardiff Bay or Heath Park which are a bit further out, (alternatively, they will get you to a lecture quicker than your legs will allow).

Meeting Cardiff’s celebrity guests

Among the amazing singers and bands we get the opportunity to see at Y Plas (such as Aitch, Digga D, and Blossoms who are all set to perform very soon) we also have many famous celebrities and guest speakers make appearances.

Pictured in Ffion’s iconic BeReal is the one and only ‘Chase’ legend Shaun Wallace, formally known as the ‘Dark Destroyer’.

Students queued from as early as 5 pm to have a chance to see Shaun’s appearance as quiz master at the Taf last Thursday as he cracked jokes and hosted a fantastic night for the lucky students who had guarded their seats for hours just for the chance to snap a pic with Shaun, and I can’t say I blame them.


With cheap shots, VKs and great music, the Student Union is arguably the best place to go on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The queue may be long, but so is our patience when it’s between the difference of YOLO or not going to YOLO.

Also, bonus points to these girls for the pink cowboy hat.

Being in a lecture where 99 per cent of the class own Apple products

Nothing says iconic more than wearing sunglasses you got for free from Pryzm the night before to your lecture the next morning!

The flood of Macbooks also perfectly depicts the typical Cardiff lecture hall; along with fresher flu coughs, and empty seats from those who couldn’t quite face getting out of bed and walking to the lecture when its online anyway.

A relatively clean flat in comparison to Cardiff halls

Although Cardiff University excels at many things, their student accommodation isn’t exactly one of them.

Sophia’s BeReal perfectly captures life in halls. Overflowing bins, messy counters and a peculiar concoction swimming on the side which seems to resemble sick. Either that or someone in her flat can’t cook, (but who can in first year, ay?)

Cocktails in the posh end of Cardiff

Dressing up in cute outfits and going out for cocktails is a great way to have a catch up with your friends, especially at Peppermint

Silent disco at the SU

Although extremely fun when the headphones are on, take them off and you are left stood in a dark room with a load of rather loud, out of tune screeching. Not so fun; still a necessary Cardiff student experience,

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