We asked Cardiff Uni students about their favourite sex positions and you guys are freaky!

We had to look up what a few of these were…

At uni, it becomes clear very quickly that the best and most efficient way to make lifelong friends is by graphically oversharing every detail of your sex lives. One of the first questions you’ll ask will be “what’s your favourite position?” – after all, it says a lot more about a person than what they’re studying .

Therefore, we decided that we wanted you to graphically overshare with us, so we asked Cardiff Uni students to tell us what their favourite positions are (with data collected in YOLO, of course, with a bit of liquid courage).

We split the data by gender: he/him, she/her and non-binary/doesn’t identify with the genders mentioned. However, the participants that spoke to us only identified as he/him and she/her.

Surprise, surprise the men love doggy

From the he/him identifying participants, reverse cowgirl was in last place with 5 per cent choosing it as their favourite position. Fourth place was a tie between cowgirl and screwdriver (we had no idea too, but it’s apparently a “more advanced” doggy) with 10.5 per cent each. Then, in third place, with 15 per cent of the male vote was speed bump.

In second place a whopping 29 per cent of those identifying as men said that missionary was their favourite.

And finally, the winner with 33 per cent of the vote was doggy, although I can’t say this surprised us.

Front-facing intimate positions scored well with the women

Out of the female-identifying participants we asked, there was slightly more variety in their answers.

Only 4 per cent chose spooning or reverse cowgirl as their favourite, putting them at joint last place. Whilst in fourth place, 8 per cent of women we surveyed said that forward-facing cowgirl was their favourite position.

Another tie at approximately 10 per cent each put speed bump and eagle joint 3rd. Then coming in hard at second place, doggy was the runner up with 18 per cent of the vote.

And the winner (by a landslide) was missionary, which almost half of our participants said was their favourite in the bedroom. Although it’s worth noting that a lot of our ladies specified that missionary was only their favourite with a long-term partner, because it feels more intimate. Romance isn’t dead, after all!

So, there you go, YOLO has spoken and our extremely scientific study has concluded that missionary and doggy come out on top, (no pun intended) as Cardiff Uni’s favourite sex positions.

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