Revealed: These are the universities where students spend the most on takeaways

First place spends over £600 per year

Takeaways are as much a part of the modern student experience as online lectures and dodgy halls of residence. After all, those Sunday lunchtime hangovers won’t feed themselves.

But some students are bound to be more inclined to splash the cash on the good stuff than others and the total spend is somewhat eye-watering.

A recent survey by NatWest has revealed that Oxford students spend the most on takeaways. The average Oxfordian spends £52.80 per month on burgers, kebabs, fish and chips, curries, and the like. That equates to nearly £650 per year.

It is hardly surprising considering the work-hard-play-hard attitude of some Oxford students. Many would probably argue they just don’t have the time to cook food from scratch, considering their immense workloads. Others likely need a hangover cure after letting off steam.

Second place went to Newcastle, whose students spend £47.10 per month on average and third place is Liverpool where students on average spend £41.60.

On average, students across Britain contribute £31.10 per month on takeaways.

NatWest, which releases its Student Living Index each year, surveyed nearly 3,000 students from unis across the UK for its findings.

The Index also reveals which uni’s students spend the most on rent, nights out, and on clothes.

Manchester and Coventry students spend the most on rent, paying over £530 per month on average. This is quite unexpected considering the reputation of Manchester as a cheap and cheerful student city.

As revealed in The Tab last month, true to their reputation it is Newcastle students who really splurge on nights out. They spend an average of £73.80 per month – 20 per cent more than their nearest competitors, Liverpool.

Liverpool students spend the most on booze – in news to no one – spending a whopping £73.80 on alcohol.

It must be noted that the Index does have some wildly different sample sizes for each university, with NatWest only surveying nine Edinburgh students compared to 100 from Birmingham. So do take some of the results with a pinch of salt.

That said, Oxford students have yet another honour to add to their list of achievements. Oxford students do deserve to be commended for this.

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