These are the uni cities where students are spending the most on booze every month

Finally, a league table that Cambridge comes bottom in

Everyone likes to think that students at their uni are the wildest, go the hardest on a night out, and love pints more than anyone else.

If only there was a way of finding out the truth.

There is! NatWest have very kindly worked out the uni cities where, on average, students spend the most on alcohol.

Shock: students in Liverpool spend the most- £73.80 every month. That’s almost 50 per cent more than the average UK student.

In second and third place are students in Exeter and Nottingham- they spend an average of £72.10 and £69.80 on booze every month.

At the other end of the spectrum you’ll find Cambridge. On average, these book-bashers spend just £16.60 on alcohol every month. Why am I not surprised?

Here’s a full breakdown of the university cities where students spend the most and least on alcohol every month.

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