Liz Truss slammed for university policy that could see the start of term moved to January

Cambridge Uni is ‘very concerned’ with the proposal

Liz Truss has been slammed for a proposed policy that could see the start of the academic year moved to January.

As part of her bid for the position of Prime Minister, Truss said that all pupils who attain three A* grades at A-Level should be given an interview at Oxford or Cambridge.

Given that this would mean an admissions process would have to take place after students received their grades in August, the start of the university teaching year could be shifted as far forward as January.

Cambridge’s pro-vice chancellor, Graham Virgo, told Times Higher Education he was “very concerned” about the “apparent political interference with the autonomy of universities”.

He added: “admissions decisions, including who we interview, must be for us”.

Rishi Sunak, the other Tory leadership candidate and PM hopeful, unveiled his own ideas for universities, saying he would “take a tougher approach to university degrees that saddle students with debt, without improving their earning potential”.

The National Union for Students (NUS) believes the Tory leadership candidates’ efforts when it comes to solving university issues are perhaps misplaced.

An NUS spokesperson told The Tab: “Rather than fuelling culture wars and tinkering around the edges of an education system that’s failing so many, students want to see policies that will tackle the student cost of living crisis, make all forms of education more accessible and equitable, and properly fund student mental health services in the NHS and on campuses.

 “Students’ number one priority is the cost of living, and the government should be acting now by providing additional grants and bursaries, tackling extortionate rent in student housing, getting the cost of energy and fuel under control, and reducing the debt burden on students and graduates.”

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