Welsh universities to provide students extra assistance during cost of living crisis

Cardiff Uni, Cardiff Met, and Aberystwyth have all put forward plans to help

Universities across Wales are responding to the cost of living crisis by offering students extra assistance and emergency supplies.  These schemes include providing students with emergency food supplies, stopping the collection of library fines, and proving free period products.  

Cardiff University

Cardiff University will be offering £2 lunches inside the Student Union between 1-3pm on weekdays. There will also be free period products at the university. Library fines will also be halted. The university have reduced their sandwich meal deals by 30p and students will be able to get four-day emergency food packages on a Friday if needed.

Whilst Cardiff University have not mentioned anything regarding heating spaces, the ASSL and Heath libraries are open 24/7. 

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Met will be providing assistance to their students by having heated study spaces open 24 hours a day. They will give out free period products on campus and allow free use of the bathrooms in their sports facilities. Cardiff Met are also going to sell any food from their canteens that is due to expire at a cheaper price.

Aberystwyth University

Aberystwyth have said that they will be providing emergency food supplies if needed, period products for both staff and students on campus, and affordable meals in their catering facilities.

A representative for Aberystwyth University also stated: “We currently plan what space may be required for students or employees to stay warm should their personal heating costs become unaffordable. We also provide valued meals in our catering outlets as well as emergency food provision if necessary.”


In Cardiff, it is not only the universities that will be providing assistance, but libraries across the sit will be open as heating hubs where people can enjoy a free hot drink whilst spending time in a warm space, because although students get cold, so does everyone else.

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