The police are launching extra patrols to keep Cardiff students safe this Freshers’ Week

The team has also set up a booth at the SU to promote their services

As students emerge properly in Cardiff and nights out and freshers’ events make a return after a long 18 months, the British Transport Police are running campaigns in and around the city to keep us safe throughout the freshers’ week.

BTP officers are patrolling the Cathays train station to ensure safe travel and investigate incidents of sexual harassment. Their safety bus team is also assisting the neighbourhood police safely transport students back to their accommodations after nights out.

The BTP Cardiff and Newport team have encouraged students to immediately text 61016 to report incidents of sexual or unwanted sexual behaviour. Alternatively, students can call 0800 40 50 40 and reach out for help. But we must always contact 999 in cases of emergency.

The officers told The Tab Cardiff: “With regards to the text service, the big plus is that it is anonymous. You text the service about an incident, say an incident at the railway station or on the train, it’ll then go to a computer in our control room where the dedicated officer will send it out to the relevant officer in the area and then we’ll respond accordingly.”

“We won’t ever phone you back without asking your permission. So, you’ll get a reply saying that we have received your message but you’ll also be asked if you’re comfortable and in a safe space to accept our call.”

save this image and keep it handy to reach out for help

save this image and keep it handy to reach out for help

They also said: “Our main priority is to ensure students’ safety. We will go out of our way to make sure you are looked after.”

“We’re really asking you to report small incidents and even minor assaults to us now. We want to encourage students to use the text service and let us know what’s going on. We are a nation-wide force and all students can use the text number for an efficient and fast service.”

BTP officers patrolling the Cathays train station to keep students coming into Cardiff safe

The Cardiff team consisting of two police officers and ten PCSOs (police community support officers) had also set up a booth at the freshers’ fair in the SU to promote the text service and make students’ aware about the safety measures in place across Cardiff.

BTP's booth at the freshers' fair in the SU

BTP’s booth at the freshers’ fair in The Cardiff Uni SU

The police are also doing walkabouts around the city to inform residents about ways to keep safe. They are going door to door advising students about safety measures in place for them while also handing out leaflets and business cards with essential contact information.

For students interested in getting involved with BTP’s initiative and gain volunteering experience, the team said: “We’re always kind of recruiting for PCSOs and that is a really good way to get involved.” Contact the team on twitter to know more about this.

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