Several students have been sexually assaulted in Cardiff during freshers’ fortnight

Incidents involving sexual harassment are on the rise in Cardiff

On Monday night, a Cardiff University student was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man riding a bike outside Miller and Carter in the Hayes. The survivor reported on Overheard at Cardiff University that he was wearing a white coat that had black writing on it with a hood that covered his face.

Another individual then commented: “I think this was the same guy who cycled past me while I was waiting for an Uber, slapped my arse, then shouted ‘nice’ at me afterwards”

This person was on Castle street so they said: “He must’ve been doing loops of Cardiff”.

In addition, another student claimed that the same thing happened to her there too but during a busy time of day.

These instances are not alone in cases of sexual and unwanted sexual behaviour offences in Wales; data from BTP shows that September has been the highest month for cases similar to this.

During 2021, there have been 35 cases of sexual or unwanted sexual behaviour reported in Wales alone.

Furthermore, since April 2021, 133 arrests have been made by BTP and 49 of those have been within the last 30 days related to sexual assaults.

Cases of spiking are also increasing in the city, especially at events and nights out. One such claim was an incident where a male Cardiff University student (who was in the SU at the time) began “foaming at the mouth and eyes [began] rolling” into the back of his head.

If you find yourself or a friend the victim of any of these attacks, please contact South Wales Police via this online form. The British Transport Police are also patrolling the city to keep students safe; reach out for help by texting 61016.

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