The Cardiff Tab is recruiting: Come write for us!

We’re looking for passionate writers, photographers, and news-breakers


Are you interested in being part of the UK’s most read student paper? Do you want to help break the biggest stories across campus? Are you one of those people who photograph everything they say? Are you looking to gain some journalism experience to add to your CV? Or maybe you’re just looking to make some new writer-friends and attend some of the best socials in Cardiff.

Whether you’ve never written before or have your own blog with regular posts, we’re on the hunt to add to our growing team of writers. Whether you’re a first year joining us or about to graduate from your final year here in Cardiff, our team is ready to welcome any students of any years at any of the universities in Cardiff.

When can you meet the team?

Our meetings are laid back and casual. So grab a pint or some wings at The Taf on the 12th of October at 5pm and get to know the team!

This will be a weekly meeting and your best opportunity to get to know the other writers and what it’s like writing for The Cardiff Tab. Bring ideas for articles and if you’re keen, you might even get the chance to get your first commission.

Who are we?

The Tab is one of the largest student publications in the UK and spread across different UK universities. Writing for us is an amazing chance to gain some firsthand journalism experience: whether you’re a features or news writer. Tab alumni have frequently gone on to write for famous global agencies such as Cosmopolitan, Vice, Buzzfeed, BBC, and many more.

You can find out more about our commissions, our editors, and our weekly meetings by joining our contributors group on facebook. We also have separate groups dedicated to features and news pieces which can be found on the main group.

Writer by day, beer pong royalty by night


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