Have those uni night out blues? Here’s some of Cardiff’s wildest nights out to cheer you up

We asked and you did not disappoint

Lockdown has meant the closure of pubs, clubs and everything in between, which means no more steaming nights at the SU or the post-SU Fattoush for a killer pizza and garlic mayo chips. We’re all missing uni and, more importantly, our nights out. I can’t even remember what a VK tastes like anymore. So we wanted to find out your wildest Cardiff night out stories to bring back those fond memories.

How is this an accident?

“Accidentally left Popworld with a 60 year old man and had sex with him”.

They’re called boob tubes for a reason

“I was wearing a boob tube under a coat, bouncers asked me to unzip it…ended up flashing”.

Hold onto your boob tubes ladies  Photo: @YPlasCUSU Facebook 

Just your standard night out

“Went to a back-to-school social to the SU, blacked out, had to be carried home by two boys I know. Made them take me to Fam Fish first but was too drunk to eat it. Woke up in full outfit with peas everywhere; my foot was huge because I had chipped a bone (but no idea how)…boy was asleep next to me”.

Pryzm always leads to a strange night out, lets be fair

“Got drunk with my best friend and ended up in the medical room at Pryzm, telling the bouncer my whole love life story. Asked him for advice and he told me the best way to get over someone is to get under someone. Then, we walked to Woodville fish bar but ended up pissing in the bushes and we were too drunk to realise people were walking past. We walked this guy home to his girlfriend’s house and turns out Woodville fish bar was temporarily closed so we went to Domino’s  instead and got an uber back to Taly. We didn’t realise it was 6am”.

So many unanswered questions

“Fell off a 10ft roof.”

A good drunk samaritan

“Crashed sciences bar crawl, kicked out of club, took homeless lady from mamas to our halls”.

So this is why the queues at the SU are so long

“Puked so hard the ladies loo at Juice got closed”. – One thing we definitely don’t miss is the queues for the girls toilets. Surprisingly though, it is a great place to make friends.

Ah, this is why the boys toilets has no queue, they queue in there

The sign of every successful Pryzm night out

“I was so drunk in Pryzm I had to be taken out in a wheelchair” – I genuinely couldn’t think of anything better than being wheeled home when I’m drunk, wow.

Did you want love or money?

“Talking to the cash point outside the SU…” – Honestly, what is in VK’s, I want to know more.

VK is love VK is life  Photo: @YPlasCUSU Facebook 

One for the everyman

“Chundered on the SU stairs in front of everyone queuing” – Ah, the humble SU chun. We’ve all been there. Thinking about it now, I kinda miss it, and the sad thing is we’ll never get to spew over the steps ever again. RIP.

So, there we have it. Some of your wildest nights in Cardiff have been revealed. Fingers crossed for even more ridiculous nights and class memories once corona has stopped ruining things 🙁

Feature image: @YPlasCUSU Facebook

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