Cardiff students tell us about their inspirational mums

Just a small Mother’s Day appreciation post

It’s Mother’s Day which means it’s the best time of the year, excluding their birthdays, to remember all the iconic, wholesome, inspirational, and sometimes just hilarious, things our mums have done. We asked Cardiff students to tell us all about their inspirational mums and here are some of the stories we got, showing how strong mums can be:

They’re pandemic heroes

One student told The Cardiff Tab about her mum helping as a nurse during the pandemic. She said: “My mum is a psychiatric nurse in all of this. She continued face-to-face visits throughout the first wave and now even when most of her colleagues have refused. She retired in January but has been back bossing her job and helping the crisis team when needed. The pandemic might have an end in sight but the mental health side of it is going to continue for a lot longer”

That’s amazing! The pandemic has definitely affected a lot of people and getting help is really important. The university also offers mental health support if needed

Inspirational fighters

“My mum as battled cancer and other illnesses since I was 8, and everyday she smiles and keeps on going! She doesn’t let the fact she needs carers in four times a day to help wash and feed her, or the fact that she needs a wheelchair to go anywhere, stop her. She’s taken up a role as a scout leader after me, my brother, and my dad have been for years! She’s the strongest and most inspiring woman, and keeps spreading the smiles even when I’m not at home! She’s the reason I’m finishing off my healthcare degree and honestly I can’t think of a more inspiring and loveable woman out there!”

She seems absolutely amazing and must be so proud of you too!

They’re bosses

“When my mum and my aunt were 13, some guy threw a rock at my aunt so she punched him in the face.”

Will she do it for me too?

And independent icons

“My nani paid for her and my nanas wedding all by herself in the 70s! She worked as a primary school teacher in India and it inspires me to become and independent woman too!”

This is what we love to see!

They show strength and resilience

“My dad died of cancer when I was 16 and my mum had looked after him throughout his illness. She was widowed at 37 years old with four kids and without question, she put us before her grief to make sure that we were, not just okay, but able to thrive. She continuous to be the glue that holds our family together and I am eternally grateful to be able to call her mum.”

An amazing display of strength on your mum’s end, being able to take care of all of you even during such a hard time!

And they take NO sh*t

“When I was 7, my family and I were at the airport and I was wearing heelys on the flat escalators when I stopped in front of a really tall man (Disclaimer: I was really little) and he turned around and grabbed my fist and dug his nails into it so it was bleeding. My mum, who’s really tiny saw this and she quickly caught up and punched him in the chest and said, “Oy” and then he realised what he was doing and let go. She may be really short but she’s fearless”

Strangers are so mean sometimes but at least your mum was there for you!

It’s definitely time to head to the store and buy a bouquet of flowers and some cheesecake – 100% the least we can do to show our appreciation.

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