A comprehensive list of all MLM and pyramid scheme beef on Overheard

“keep your dodge reverse funnel system to yourself”

Cardiff’s Overheard page has been a strange place as of late, with pyramid-scheme and MLM accusations flying about the place. We’ve all seen the old, “Do you enjoy working from home and want to earn a bit of extra cash on the side?”. However, all of this seems a bit much for some students who have taken to Overheard to bash these business bosses.

Take a look at this week’s multi-level-marketing madness and the beef that went down…

How did it all begin?

For some time now, Overheard has been seeing a rise in fragrance and beauty representatives posting on the page, asking members if they’re interested in becoming part of a new team. It usually goes something like this….. “extra income from their phone”.

Here’s when it all kicked off…

It appeared to go from a few little posts where you’d get a couple of people asking them to shut up, to an explosion of fury as a vigilante Cardiff student took it into her own hands. Before we knew it, the page had blown up with every house in Cathays putting their fifty pence in. Here’s how it went down…

‘You’re preying on others for your shitty business practice’

One Cardiff student uploaded screenshots from a conversation she had with a fragrance sales representitive, arguing that they were “preying on others for you’re shitty business practice” and “luring them in with the promise of making money when they won’t make jack shit”. To which the fragrance seller replied “You don’t pay into it. You buy a perfume from me for £14, I buy it for £10 I’ll have £4 profit…Jesus I don’t know why you’re making it sound so bad”.

‘Keep your dodge reverse funnel system to yourself’

The post received over 200 comments, with students from Cardiff jumping in on the action. One responded to the drama asking the fragrance seller to “keep your dodge reverse funnel system to yourself”.

‘It would be almost impossible to make triple figures’

Another student noticed that whilst this business opportunity was perhaps different to other more exploitative schemes, “it still uses ‘pay to play’ purchases which is a big red flag”. They went on to state that “essentially you have to buy 500 points worth of products each month to stay qualified to commission?” and that “there’s a reason the company won’t release an income disclosure statement”.

‘Profits coming from sales commission and no buy in clause = no pyramid’

Whilst many jumped on the comments section to criticise the student’s ways of earning money, others stood to her defence. One member of the group stated “imagine thinking that being a middle man to push perfumes for a company is pyramid selling”, going on to warn students, “next time you want to shun someone trying to make enough money to get by whilst at uni during a pandemic, read into the company first”. Wow, it’s all rather intense for a Monday night don’t we think.

‘Bullying and exposing someone on social media…makes you look like a bit of a bitch’

One member of Overheard also lept to her defence, claiming that “bullying and exposing someone on social media doesn’t make you look cool, just makes you look like a bit of a bitch”.

‘Ur being a bit dramatic…she’s selling perfumes’

It’s safe to say basically everyone had an opinion on Monday night’s drama. Makes a change from Eastenders I suppose.

The parody posts came flooding in

After the pyramid scheme drama had funneled down (lol), some took to Overheard with parody posts, mocking the ones that came before them, many of which got deleted. One member posted, “Hey huns….I’ve got a very special opportunity for those looking to make a little money on the side”. They went on to list the benefits of their money-making scheme, including “all you have to do is pester people you met a decade ago in primary school to buy some overpriced moisturisers”.

‘P.S you may read on the internet this is a MLM or a voodoo sex cult. It definitely is not’

Again, mocking the pyramid scheme drama, a member took to write a disclosure at the close of their post, assuring potential interests that “you may read on the internet this is a MLM or voodoo sex cult. It definitely is not”.

We just love the drama Mick. This was the most exciting thing to happen to 2020 tbh, and many students are missing the entertainment now that it’s all unfolded. It was a rollercoaster ride, but we made it through.

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