Here’s how to enjoy Halloween in Cardiff’s lockdown

It’s all about the pumpkins

As a lover of parties, you can imagine my disappointment in discovering that Cardiff will be in lockdown for Halloween. It was heartbreaking knowing I wouldn’t be standing in a sweaty club with a VK in my hand, or in a bustling house party with a game of beer pong in front of me. 

Halloween is considered a massive night-out for students, but not all hope is lost. It’s time to grab your housemates and some pumpkins, because this is our guide on how to enjoy Halloween in Cardiff’s lockdown.

Decorate your uni house

Use stretched out cotton wool to look like spider webs, and you could buy some plastic spiders too! Also, when the night is over you can use this cotton wool to take off your makeup – kill two birds with one stone. Fairy lights are a great way to create an ambiance and give the illusion of being in a nightclub. Get cheap black table covers from the charity shop and use them to add a sense of the ‘spooky’ to your dining area.

Get carving those pumpkins

Probably one of the most conventional Halloween decorations is the humble pumpkin. Scatter them around the place to add that traditional Halloween flair. It’s a great way to create a competition with friends, you can even offer a prize for the winner! Again, this can be made a lot more interesting with booze involved, and since bottomless brunches are now cancelled, why not try a Pumpkins and Prosecco night with your housemates.

Credit: Instagram / @layjack50

Go back to your childhood with apple bobbing

If bobbing apples weren’t an integral part of your childhood, then you missed out. For a boozy twist you can always use apple cider but this will get extremely sticky! If you wanted to make it feel like you’re in the SU, just bob for VK’s instead. 

Watch a Halloween movie

A great and cheap option for a night in is a movie night, and on Halloween only scary films are acceptable. Some of my personal  recommendations are The Invisible Man, Get Out and IT Chapter One. Although the chilling aspect of Netflix and chill might be off the cards for a couple of weeks, Netflix alone will still be there for you. 

Try a Halloween bake-off

Make the most of the massive bags of chocolate and sweets that are on offer in the supermarkets and do some Halloween baking. Sweet treats are the perfect combination with a scary film. You could even have a Cathays Halloween bake-off competition; keep the brain stimulated whilst you’re in lockdown and all that.

Credit: Instagram / @bestmoodafterfood

Get the face paints out

Get the old face paints out and try your hand at some scary ideas. If they look bad, it’s not like you’re leaving the house anyways.  Take this as an opportunity to make your housemates look ridiculous. It’s also a perfect opportunity to take some hilarious pictures for memories. 

Did someone say drinks?

Get any alcohol you want and put it into a huge bowl with plenty of mixers. You know, the classic fish bowl we all know and love. It’s essential to add strawberries and raspberries to make it look like blood in order to stick to the Halloween theme. Red jelly shots are another spooky way to celebrate the season.

Credit: Instagram / @smartpracticeofficial

2020 has definitely been one of the most outrageous years ever. Back in March, I certainly was not expecting to still be in some sort of lockdown by now. This is a perfect opportunity to get creative, and try to make the most of the spooky season. Although my fingers are crossed I will be in the Pryzm disco room next year with my makeup melting off, I’m still looking forward to trying some new Halloween activities this year from the comfort of my house. 

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