Seven essentials every Cardiff student needs in an isolation care package

Because two weeks can feel like a VERY long time

With most of us Cardiff students now back, increasing numbers of our friends are having to isolate to prevent the spread of Covid. Being locked up inside for two weeks is definitely going to suck, so as good mates it’s our job to drop them round a few bits to keep up morale.

Obviously it goes without saying to make sure all deliveries are done very safely, put it on the door step move 2m away, and be wearing masks.

So, what to include in your package? We’ve asked students what they need, or more importantly want, and this is what they said…

1. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks

Obvious but a must – some Cadburys, some Sweet Chilli Sensations, hummus and dips, the posibilites are endless. When all you’ve done all day is watch online lectures stuck inside, snacks are an essential. Fingerscrossed your mates still have their tastebuds!

2. Milk

Tea and coffee for sore throats and cosy nights in are in high demand, and running out of milk when you can’t pop to the Tesco down the road is NOT ideal, so it should definitely take priority within your isolation care package.

3. Alcohol – who said losing taste and smell was all bad?

Isolation doesn’t have to be boring! Whether the house is all isolating together and having drinks for entertainment or if you really wanna test how MIA your tastebuds are with a shot of tequila, alcohol is always a good idea. We obviously recommend picking them up an Orange VK for old times sake.

4. Painkillers (probably for the hangovers)

According to the NHS paracetamol and ibuprofen are safe to take to treat symptoms of Covid (paracetamol has fewer side effects though), and everyone’s always running low so these are super useful for them to have in the house.

5. Self-care essentials 

Facemasks, a new snuggly blanket, maybe chuck in some candles, we’ve asked and the students want and need self-care! Their bedroom has become their sanctuary so anything to make watching Netflix in bed seem more like a treat is going to be greatly appreciated.

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6. Toilet roll…fingers crossed there’s some left in Lidl

In two weeks a household is definitely going to run out of loo roll so we’ve been told this is an essential, maybe some air freshener too!

7. A Fam Fish, a Mama’s Kebab, or any Cardiff staple will do

What could be better on a cold Cardiff night than a delivery from your best mate. It’ll warm the heart so much you won’t even need to put the heating on. 

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Whatever you deliver we hope your mates enjoy their care packages and that you’re all staying safe!

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