Things in Cardiff student houses that just make sense

Rats and mould? Sounds like Cathays

If you’re still hanging onto Tiktok post-lockdown, your ‘for you‘ page is probably filled with students making light of their pretty abysmal living conditions. We asked you for all those things in your Cardiff student house that just (don’t) make sense and, I’m not gonna lie, most of them were pretty gross.

An extractor fan just for show?

It’s a tale as old time in Cardiff student houses. At least the thought was there, right?

You will inevitably repay them by literally never cleaning it.


So. Much. Mould.

Yep you saw right, that’s a mould MUSHROOM. Honestly, we’re really not sure if this is legal and it’s definitely not healthy. But, hey – would it be home without mould?

Ye old garden toilet 

We hope this wasn’t advertised as the third bathroom in a 3 bathroom house but honestly, who would be surprised? I can see it now, “great nature views, well-ventilated and partial privacy”. Cardiff landlords are capable of anything at this point, just shove a shower curtain over the entrance and call it a wet room.

A window holding on by it’s last nail

One gust of wind and this poor student’s window has officially had it. Luckily, they put that 9k a year to good use with these engineering skills. Whoever said students were useless clearly hadn’t met this person.

Tumble next to TV = subtitles for us then


Watching TV with subtitles has become a regular occurrence in this student house. In fact, it’s a necessity in order to stop the arguments about whether it’s an acceptable time of the day for a housemate to dry their washing. Why this isn’t in the kitchen with all the other appliances, we really do not know. Cardiff landlords really do never fail to surprise us. But on the plus side, it seems to be making great pot noodle storage.

The slug who never wants to go home

Imagine having to isolate with this little guy…and all his little slug friends. No thank you! My housemates are already annoying me enough, don’t need an extra one thanks.

A rat lives under our sofa

These Cardiff students gained 200K views showing off their quality uni house on TikTok, which MAYBE just slightly makes up for the trauma. Honestly, I’ve never been more thankful for the mould in my house because at least it’s not a rat. I feel the need to shower after watching that video, and scrub the horror away.

So, thank you student landlords for giving us such delightful places to spend our days of isolation and endless lectures. Really, just none of it makes sense.

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