The 2020 Cardiff Christmas Market dates have been confirmed

Christmas isn’t cancelled just yet

You heard that right, Cardiff’s Christmas Market will be going ahead in 2020! Finally we have some good news, let’s just hope it stays this way…

Organiser, Craft Folk, have announced the dates for the festive event. It is set to run from 12th November until 23rd December. The announcement follows a successful trial run in August that coped well with the new Covid-19 safety guidelines.

There will be stalls along St John Street, Working Street, The Hayes, Hills Street, and Trinity Street. However, organisers have stated that the event going ahead is “subject to any Covid relevant legislation/guidelines current at the time from the Welsh Government and Cardiff Council.”

Organisers told The Cardiff Tab that the market will include a variety of stalls selling “hand made arts and crafts interspersed with a small selection of food and alcohol producers.”. However, there is no confirmation in regard to the ‘German style’ larger stalls and bars as this is run by a separate company.

It is great news for the city which holds over 200 stalls throughout the festive season, and it brings hope to other cities with similar events as many popular Christmas markets such as Bath and Birmingham have been cancelled.

Craft Folk’s operations manager, Jane Hall, said that “We are very lucky here in Cardiff as our outdoor Christmas Market is located on very wide pedestrian streets and our stalls have a small footprint which enables us to ensure that all social distancing guidelines in Wales will be observed.”

Whilst this is positive news for the Christmas season, since the announcement of Hyde Park Winter Wonderland being cancelled this year, there has been no word on whether Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland will go ahead.

Feature image via Instagram page, dazree125

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