Cardiff to get its students to sign ‘community pledge’

This ‘code of responsibility’ is meant to ensure that students do not break social distancing rules when returning.

With all our favourite clubs closing their doors at the beginning of the global pandemic, quarantine acted not only as time to prevent the spread of COVID but also as a mourning period for Pryzm and Live Lounge. Some people just haven’t got over it, and as students from all over the world return to university, some seem to be taking freshers week into their own hands.

This ‘unofficial freshers’ is being advertised on Cardiff facebook pages such as Overheard and I’m sure we’ve all seen them but if not, just look on snapchat, the stories of people throwing house parties are endless.

With this in mind, it’s understandable why many Universities have taken action to ensure we stay safe when returning to. In some Universities, extreme disciplinary action such as dismissal of students has already taken place, with 11 being expelled from Northeastern University for ‘violating public health rules’. Following in this stead, Oxford, Bath Spa, Cardiff and other universities have agreed to introduce a ‘community pledge’ or ‘code of responsibility’ for returning students.

All students will sign this pledge which will say that we agree to follow social distancing rules and not throw any mad parties anytime soon.

Although it’s unclear exactly what this will ‘pledge’ will entail, we know that it is aimed to commit students to following social distancing rules and prevent students from taking freshers week into their own hands.

Feature Image: Facebook / Y Plas Nightclub

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