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Cardiff University have officially postponed this year’s graduation

As if we thought coronavirus couldn’t ruin uni anymore

Cardiff University have officially postponed this year’s graduation due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

In an email to graduating students, Colin Riordan, the Vice Chancellor, said that “It is with deep regret that Cardiff University has decided to postpone the summer 2020 graduation ceremonies”, but promised that all students will have the opportunity to celebrate on a future occasion.

The recent coronavirus pandemic appears to be the cause of this set back, as the Vice Chancellor stated “our primary concern is the health and wellbeing of our students, their guests and our staff – especially in such difficult and challenging times”.

There has been no date set for the postponed graduation, but the Vice Chancellor stated that they will contact all students involved and update the Graduation Website when a decision had been reached.

The Vice Chancellor stressed that this decision will NOT effect students graduating and gaining a degree from the university, provided that students still meet the requirements of their course.

Students will receive their degree certificates as soon as possible after results.