Some Cardiff University libraries will close on Friday until the end of term

Say bye to the Main Building Insta aesthetic

Cardiff University has announced that they will close most of its libraries, including Main Building and Bute Library, from 5pm on Friday 20th March until the end of the term.

The only libraries that will remain open are the ASSL, Heath Park, Trevithick and Julian Hodge Library.

The libraries that will remain open have begun to implement measures of social distancing in order to support and protect working staff and students. They intend to switch some of the PCs off and reduce the number of study chairs available so people are forced to sit further apart, thereby lowering the risk of infection. Additional cleaning practices will also be taking place.

It isn’t even midnight yet??

The Cardiff Tab spoke to students about how they feel with some libraries closing. A third-year student said, “I feel like they definitely should, I’ve been avoiding them because I’m just a little on edge about being around so many people in one space.”

She went on to say, “but also being a third-year, a lot of people have dissertations so hopefully, the uni can ensure there are enough ebooks that can help us have a detailed bibliography.”

Cancelled lectures have resulted in most students going home

Most schools have emailed students to say that their exams will be held online and access to articles, books and other resources will also be available to students online. Students are also able to connect with library staff via the Live Chat facility or through email.

The libraries are following suit with the rest of the university’s policies in order to minimise social gatherings and contact. Alternatives to face-to-face lectures were looked into, with the schools having implemented remote online learning by the 23rd of March. Due to the outbreak, placements and field trips outside of the UK have also been cancelled. In addition to this, most societies, if not all, have ended society meetings and have had to cancel their end of year trips.


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