Cardiff Uni cancel all international trips and look at alternatives to face-to-face lectures

Coronavirus has been declared a major incident for the university


Cardiff University has cancelled all international trips and placements, as it declares coronavirus a major incident for the university.

In a statement, the Vice-Chancellor said that “a new top-level group” made the decision today, and that they will continue to meet regularly as the situation unfolds.

All student field trips and placements outside the UK have been cancelled or postponed. Students who are currently on placements abroad will be contacted and offered support should they wish to return home. A spokesperson told us that those following University advice to return will face “no financial disadvantage”.

Staff have been advised to postpone any work-related travel outside the UK, and told they must provide a risk assessment if they deem the travel to be essential.

A spokesperson told the Cardiff Tab: “There are no plans to close the University. However, this is an ever-changing picture. We have already started working through various scenarios in the event we have to close. This includes looking at alternative forms of working and teaching.”

The Vice-Chancellor has also said they are looking ahead at “major events in the University calendar” in order to offer advice.

He said it was important “to steer the right course between over-reaction and complacency”. He also said, “it is important that we remain a tolerant, considerate and open community offering support to everyone”.

The university has created an email address for people with enquiries about coronavirus. You can contact them on: [email protected].

The Cardiff University spokesperson added:

“The safety of our students, staff and the wider Cardiff community in which we live is paramount.

“Since Coronavirus first emerged, the University’s Incident Response Team has been closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds.

“We are in close contact with Public Health Wales and other official government bodies and are responding to official advice and guidance as it becomes available.

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