Your banners are safe, the SU Election results have been announced

Over 5,000 votes were cast

After the drama of elections week and banners being stolen, it’s all finally over as the election results for the Students’ Union took place yesterday at 2pm.

The Sabbatical Officers for the next academic year have been announced and the banner thefts are behind them.

So, who won what? Let’s find out:

Students’ Union President: Tom Evans

VP Heath Park Campus: Sebastian Ripley

VP Societies & Volunteering: Luke Evans

VP Education: Hannah Doe

VP Postgraduate Students: Jane Chukwu

VP Welfare & Campaigns: Georgie East

VP Sports And Athletic Union President: Jude Pickett

Tom Evans, your elected Students’ Union President told The Cardiff Tab he felt “very shaky and unbelievably excited”.

Likewise, the new VP Societies and Volunteering, Luke Evans, said he felt “absolutely ecstatic” and commended the other candidates for a great campaign week.

A familiar face is Jude Picket, who was re-elected to be VP Sports and Athletic Union President, and she told The Cardiff Tab she is “pleased to be able to carry on doing what [she] loves.”

Jude Pickett was re-elected as the VP Sports and Athletic Union President

Who filled the other roles?

LGBT+ Officer (Open): Georgia Day

LGBT+ Officer (Trans): Lucas Jakabovic

Ethical & Environmental Officer: Julia Komar

International Students Officer: Megha Roy

Women’s Officer: Polly Denny

Students With Disabilities Officer: Megan Dee

Mental Health Officer: Alfie Potter

Mature Students’ Officer: Hannah-Louise Salter

So there you have it, the elected officers for next year’s Students’ Union. The new officers will begin their roles in the next academic year of 2020/21.

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