These are the motions to be voted on at the SU emergency strikes meeting

The EMM is on Tuesday

Cardiff University Students’ Union is due to vote on a series of motions regarding strike action on Tuesday.

There are motions on supporting strike action and supporting the interests of students during industrial election.

The Students’ Union previously voted to support the UCU strike action, but this further meeting to consider the position has been called following a petition which reached 500 signatures.

Cardiff student Antonia Needham has proposed the first motion saying that the SU must “double down” support further strike action.

The motion states that the SU must endorse strike action by having sabbatical officers join staff in influencing the university to meet the demands of the UCU, promote awareness campaigns to address why the strikes are happening and speak about how staff have been treated. The motion also asks for the SU to publicly endorse events run by the UCU for further awareness for students.

This motion is seconded by Leo Holmes, the President of Cardiff University’s Labour society.

The second motion was proposed by the president of Cardiff University Conservatives, James Wallice. It states that the SU should return to a neutral stance on strike action, to support the interests of all students. It argues the SU should lobby senior management, the UCU and other relevant organisations such as the Welsh Government to reach an amicable resolution as soon as possible.

The motion also asks for the SU to lobby for fee reimbursements for contact hours that have been lost.

James told the Cardiff Tab, “our intention has always been to push for the interests of all students on campus. By mandating the SU to take an impartial stance on the UCU strike action, we’re giving the Sabbatical Officers the flexibility to effectively champion the interests of all students. Post-Graduates will continue to be supported in their ‘four fights’, whilst undergraduates who are affected by the strike action will have their concerns championed.”

The motion is seconded by the VP Welfare, James Wareham


The third motion has been proposed by Rachel Phillips. It states that the SU should support students during periods of industrial action. It asks that the SU lobbies the university for a resolution, provides support through a complaints procedure, space in the SU for a strike desk, extra mental health services, check-ins with the students about how they can be supported and ensure they’re aware of their rights, and assisting and guiding students so they are able to claim tuition fee refunds for lost contact hours.

Rachel told the Cardiff Tab, “I proposed the motion to the EMM because I’m very concerned that the interests of students are not being represented. In our work as part of the Student Strike group, students have come to us with great ideas about how the Students Union can support them, and lobby for the University to do the same in ways that don’t undermine the industrial action, but support students through this difficult time.”


“I think it’s incredibly important that we don’t forget that many students who teach are also striking – at great risk to their emotional and financial health as well as their future career prospects, so ensuring that these vulnerable students are protected is paramount.”

The motion also asks for students to be informed through SU social media and by the sabbatical officers about the ongoing national negotiations.

The EGM will take place in the SU Great Hall on Tuesday the 10th of March at 7PM. 

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