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Pro-life protestors are outside main building showing graphic abortion images

They are protesting following the SU adopting a pro-choice stance

Protestors are outside the Cardiff University main building today, showing graphic abortion related images.

The campaigners are from the Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, a campaign group who say they aim to 'educate people on the humanity of the unborn child and the reality of abortion'.

They are protesting following the Students' Union adopting an official pro-choice stance.

They are asking passers by whether they think the images are of babies and human life.

WARNING: There are graphic images relating to abortion at the bottom of this article.

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Students posted on Overheard at Cardiff warning of the graphic images

The protestors told the Cardiff Tab: "We're here to show the reality of abortion, we're here to show what an unborn baby actually looks like. We believe that without the proper information nobody can make a proper informed choice. We're here to open up the debate and ask people what an unborn human actually is, and whether it's okay to take away their rights to life."

"Nobody wants to see these pictures, most people say they're disgusting. They are disgusting, that's why they're hidden and that's why we're here to show people so they can really see the disgusting reality of abortion."

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The protestors are giving out leaflets which also include graphic images

When asked about the AGM motion, they told us:

"From what we understand there wasn't much debate that happened, and I understand that freedom of speech is being curtailed on university campus. They're saying we can't actually refer to an unborn human as a baby anymore, that just seems absolutely ridiculous. It's a perfectly ordinary term to refer to an unborn human as a baby in this society".

A debate did take place at AGM, with three students speaking for the motion, and three against it. The motion then passed by a big majority.

A clause in the AGM motion asked for the removal of the word baby from an advice page on pregnancy on the SU website.

Isadora Sinha told the Cardiff Tab: "People are now saying they can't call their own pregnancy a baby. That's not the case, if it's your pregnancy you can call it what they want. But in medical advice it should be called what it is at that time, such as an embryo or foetus."

She also posted on Overheard at Cardiff that "the photos being shown do not seem to match the stage of development they are claiming."

The protestors were orignally stood on the grass outside main building. University security was then called, and the protestors were moved onto the street.

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