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Cardiff Uni’s Catholic society has left the guild of societies following pro-choice vote

They will no longer be a part of the SU

In an open letter shared with The Cardiff Tab, the University's Catholic Chaplaincy have advised the Catholic society to resign their membership of the guild of societies, meaning they will no longer be part of the SU.

The Catholic society confirmed to us that they have written to the Students' Union President and VP societies to take this action.

This follows the passing of a motion at the SU AGM on Thursday which means the SU now has an official pro-choice stance.

In the letter, Father Sebastian Jones criticises the SU President for "declining to respond" to a request for a meeting with the president of Catholic society.

It states that "no one who was present at last night's SU meeting could be left in any doubt that inclusivity and diversity did not extend to Catholic students", saying that the Catholic faith was "exposed to ridicule".

It also criticises the inaction of the chairperson and sabbatical officers when a pro-life position was compared to racism.

Sebastian says it is of "great personal sadness" that other christian groups supported, or did not speak against the motion.

He then says the Catholic society will continue to exist, but asks them to resign from the guild of societies "until this wholly unreasonable demand placed upon Catholic students to give voluntary and material support to those who promote abortion is removed as a requirement of membership."

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