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Cardiff Uni will now offer a social space for transgender and non-binary students

There’s also a new trans society at the SU

The university has announced a new support system for trans and non-binary students and staff. In an email sent to all students, student support announced details surrounding their plans for the new social space, 'Trans Space'.

In a statement, they said: "As part of our work to support our student and staff trans community we offer a social space, exclusively for anyone who identifies with the many identities that can fall under the term trans".

They further explained that 'Trans Space' is a safe meet-up space which will be "available regularly each month and is shaped by its members to meet the needs of everybody and to be something that all attendees enjoy".

In the Students' Union, there is already an LGBT+ Association and LGBT+ officers which which work to support many students. There is also a society CU Pride, who host weekly sober and non-alcoholic socials for all members of the LGBT+ community and allies to enjoy.

A new trans society has also recently been set up.

This effort to support trans students is a positive step for the LGBT+ student body.

If any student is in need of help or advice, Cardiff Uni "have a dedicated team of Trans Support Advisers who are available to offer support meetings to any student who would like support relating to transitioning at University, or students who are questioning and would like to find out about the practical support available".

Click here to see the available dates for Trans Space and to book tickets. For more info, email [email protected].

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