Sophie Bott
Journalism and English Literature Student

PSA: The excessive police presence in Cathays is harrassment and an insult to students

Seriously, haven’t we suffered enough?

Cardiff Police tell students they can enter houses ‘by any means necessary’

This change comes after new lockdown rules enforced in Wales

Cardiff Uni language students write open letter to VC to stop year abroad cancellations

The university has offered a virtual year abroad ‘experience’ instead

New Cardiff student accommodation won’t be ready to move into until 2021

The pandemic has meant delays on new build accommodation and leaves students to find new housing

Cardiff Uni releases statement calling for ‘real change’ in support of BAME students

This statment comes after worldwide protests supporting the Black Lives Matter movement

Cardiff Uni release statement regarding the murder of George Floyd

Students have labelled the response as “quite frankly pathetic”

Cardiff Uni says online learning is ‘likely’ in next academic year

Classes have been online since March due to Coronavirus

Cardiff student starts petition to get a ‘Safety-Net Policy for All’

Over three hundred people have signed

First and second year ENCAP students told no-detriment policy will not apply

The news has left many Cardiff students feeling worried

Cardiff Uni announce ‘non-detriment’ policy will generate average mark for students

The uni has said that “no student will be disadvantaged”

Wales v Scotland is the only Six Nations game going ahead this weekend

Others have been postponed due to COVID-19 fears

‘I feel self-conscious about coughing in public’: Cardiff students speak out against coronavirus-related xenophobia

Many have suffered ‘racist’ remarks because of the outbreak

A Juice Rep is using a joke about the Coronavirus to sell tickets

The post has since been deleted

Cardiff Uni Extinction Rebellion perform mass ‘die-in’ in St David’s

The group ‘died’ to protest Black Friday

Cardiff Uni will now offer a social space for transgender and non-binary students

There’s also a new trans society at the SU

Out of the Russell Group Unis, how inclusive is Cardiff Uni really?

We’ve looked at all the facts

An Extinction Rebellion Society has started up at Cardiff Uni and four students have already been arrested

Four students were arrested at recent London protests