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Plans to demolish Gwdihw have been withdrawn

A new plan to revive the area around Guildford Crescent has been discussed

After campaigns earlier this year, gathering over 20,000 supporters, developers have decided to withdraw their plans to demolish Cardiff hotspot, Guildford Crescent.

The crescent was home to the popular bar Gwdihw, Thai House and Portuguese restaurant Madeira, and locals were grieved by the news of their closure and planned demolition.

However, demolition plans have now been scrapped after the Rapport family who own the crescent, and Cardiff Council have been in discussion to make new plans for the area. The new plan aims to regenerate the area where Guildford Crescent sits, from Churchill way to Bute Terrace.

Cardiff Council have also confirmed that any future plans to demolish Guildford Crescent will have to be reapplied for by the landowner.

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The Crescent was set to be demolished following the closure of its businesses at the end of January

Campaigners who took part in the Save Guildford Crescent march in January are "overjoyed" with the news.

The leader of the campaign Daniel Minty said:

"This little victory is owed to the 2,000 people who marched, the 20,000 people who signed the petition and the many people who directly opposed the demolition application.

"We believe the opportunities are endless for Guildford Crescent, to take things to the next level in Cardiff.

"Cardiff is not about high rise buildings. We do not want to be a carbon copy of another city in the UK. We are currently unique. We want to remain unique."