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Two arrested after man stabbed to death behind Cathays station

Police were called to the lane next to Cardiff University Students’ Union at 12.30am

Police investigate murder after 21-year-old woman found dead on Glynrhondda Street

A 22-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the incident which happened last night

There has been a mumps outbreak at Cardiff Met University

A number of cases at the university have been reported to Public Health Wales.

Plans to demolish Gwdihw have been withdrawn

A new plan to revive the area around Guildford Crescent has been discussed

The widow of a Cardiff University lecturer who died by suicide has demanded action over workload pressures

Diane Anderson wants to save other families from having their ‘dad taken away’

Confirmed: Cardiff University is cutting 380 jobs following a £21m deficit

They’re cutting staff levels by seven per cent

Letting agency fees will be banned by September 2019

President of Cardiff University Students’ Union, Fadhila Al Dhahouri will be working with the Welsh First Minister to eradicate fees

Geordie Shore is being filmed tonight in Cardiff and you could be on it

The cast of the popular MTV show will be filming in Coyote Ugly

Gwdihŵ’s demolition has been put on hold for three months

The protest to save Guildford Crescent will still be taking place tomorrow

Meet the Cardiff University third year who has a part in Netflix’s Sex Education

We interviewed Lucy Newson who was cast in the show alongside Asa Butterfield and Gillian Anderson

Sex Education is filmed on a USW campus and features several Cardiff Uni students

Cardiff University’s Opera Society and the JOMEC netball team feature in the hit Netflix series

A car completely overturned outside Cardiff SU on Park Place

The road was closed this afternoon due to the incident

Bump and Grind will be held at Gwdihŵ on Monday night

This follows Buffalo’s sudden closure which left Bump and Grind without a venue

Balloons will soon be banned from Cardiff University Students’ Union and all Union events

Decorative balloons are heavily contributing to single-use plastic pollution in Cardiff, especially after Open Days and campaign weeks.

Multiple cars are being broken into around Cathays

Multiple break-ins have been reported on Woodville Road

Stop right now: The Spice Girls are coming to Cardiff

They’re back and they’re ready to Spice up your life

Greggs are giving away free Festive Bakes in Cardiff tomorrow

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

These Cardiff third years dressed as Nessa and Smithy for Halloween

They even went as far as setting up a photoshoot with a Bargain Bucket

Cardiff SU have spoken out after Y Plas was at full capacity by 9.45pm on Wednesday

Cardiff Students’ Union have now made changes to YOLO as a result of this

Get ready to scream bogies because Dick and Dom are coming to Cardiff

Let’s just hope they don’t bring out the creamy muck muck

Cardiff is officially the second cheapest place to be a student in the UK

More importantly, it has beat Swansea as the cheapest place to go to University in Wales

12 things I wish someone had told me before Freshers’ Week at Cardiff

The sight of a silverfish will haunt you

Cardiff students who vandalised the Main Building fined £3,000 for damages

They graffitied the pillars of the Grade II listed building campaigning for fossil fuel divestment

Car parking is now free at all hospitals in Wales

Cardiff University’s hospital was one of the first to abolish fees in June

Free sanitary products will be provided to all students in Scotland

The government scheme aims to end period poverty

Another Islander is visiting Cardiff, and this time it’s Megan Barton-Hanson

From Casa Amor to Casa Glam

Love Island winners Dani and Jack are coming to Cardiff and you can meet them

Your King and Queen of summer will be partying with you at Quids In

Here’s your Cardiff BNOC of the year winner 2018, and we have an interview with him

This guy is a legend

Over 500 Cardiff lecturers sign open letter to uni saying they’re at ‘risk of physical and mental injury’ over their workload

The letter was drafted following the passing of business lecturer Malcom Anderson who was under pressure at work

Love Island heartbreaker Adam Collard is coming to Cardiff in August

All brunettes of The Diff watch out

It’s time for the final round of Cardiff BNOC of the year 2018

Who will make it to the grand final?

A Cardiff University technician accidentally invited the whole of BioSci to his retirement drinks

More than 2000 people drinking in The Taf will be a squeeze

‘Outstanding’ Cardiff lecturer who fell from Aberconway library was ‘under pressure at work’

An inquest has heard that Dr Anderson was devoted to his work and was under a lot of pressure following a promotion

Here’s round three of Cardiff’s BNOC of the year 2018

Here’s the next lot of legendary nominees

The eagerly awaited Cardiff BNOC of the year 2018 is finally here, and it’s time for heat one

We can exclusively reveal the first four legendary nominees

Important: Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s BNOC of the Year 2018

Cardiff legends come forth

The real Dumping Ground from Tracy Beaker is in Cardiff, and we visited it

The DG is one of the seven wonders of the world

Chart-topping artists will be playing at Bute Park tomorrow at Inside Out Festival

The classic Freshers’ Week fest returns

Three men have been stabbed in Roath

Armed police were called to the incident yesterday evening at 8pm.

Cardiff Vice Chancellor and UCU have agreed to challenge the pensions regulator after weeks of ‘pressure’

“The Vice Chancellor reiterated his support for working towards a solution that works for employee and employer alike.”

Breaking: Cardiff University have confirmed the death of a member of staff

This is following the closure of the entire Business School earlier on today

Can we all just agree that the nightlife in Burton on Trent is the absolute worst

But we love it anyway and most of us wouldn’t miss a Dirty Thurs

Calling all cramped Cathays residents: Do you have the best box room in Cardiff?

With a trendy tapestry you can make anything look good

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are coming to Cardiff, and this is where you can see them

They probably won’t be in Cathays

Eat any of these healthy library snacks and you’ll probably get a first

Leave the Monster Munch in 2002

Line your stomach with Lidl’s bakery, until you become a mini pizza: New Year’s resolutions every Cardiff student needs to make

I can’t touch the VKs, it’s a New Year, new me hun x

Being single during the festive period is actually the best

All by myseeeeeelf, I wanna be all by myself

It’s a na na naaaaait you can’t miss: Dappy is coming to Cardiff

And he’ll have no regrets

It’s revolutionary: The Taf are now selling mulled VK

Deck the halls with six VK’s, tra la la la la…

BREAKING: Gemma Collins has cancelled her appearance at Glam tonight

She may have earned her diva-ship, but this is not cool

Sausage rolls, hair nets and sloppy Tuna Crunch: What you learn from working at Greggs

Making Tuna Crunch baguettes will become the bane of your life

Prepare for the best week yet: The Tab Cardiff are taking over your nights out

It’s gonna be lit

We spoke to the Cardiff second year who spent a day with Made in Chelsea’s Ryan Libbey

Yes, he really is that hench

It’s time: You can now send in your nominations for Cardiff’s Maddest Fresher 2017

Have you met any Taly terrors?

Everyone you’ll meet in your first few weeks in Cardiff

OMG you play rugby? Tell me more

Important: Which item on the Wetherspoon’s menu is your uni?

Trent is a battered onion ring cos they love the sesh

We’re now able to get into YOLO from 8pm

Pres start at 5pm btw

Hold up – Revs are hosting a prosecco party

It’s revolutionary

Our dreams have been answered: Retro now has prosecco on tap

Who doesn’t love the seccy?

Peppa Pig is a Cardiff fresher, and we got an exclusive interview with her

Not the cartoon, the actual person just to be clear

How Gemma Collins would react if she was forced to go to your uni, as told through iconic pictures of her

Oxbridge is obviously Gemma with the pony

Order your ideal meal at Wetherspoon’s and we’ll guess where in the UK you’re from

Is it curry club tonight?

How middle class are you based on the food in your weekly food shop?

Where do they keep the fresh lobsters in Tesco?

Take this quiz and find out which school year you’d be in if you went back to school

Year nine’s pretty chill

Every classic thing that will happen on your clubbing holiday

Ooh, ahh, Malia

A cheese lover’s paradise: The Tab Cardiff spoke to the USW graduate behind Cardiff’s new cheese café

You won’t brie-lieve what he’s got in store

Cardiff fresher told she received no marks in her history exam, when she actually got a first


The votes have been counted and it’s time for the final: Who will you crown as Cardiff’s BNOC of the Year 2017?

The results are in, it’s time to vote for your winner

Cardiff BNOC of the year 2017: Heat four

The final round of nominees is revealed

Cardiff BNOC of the Year 2017: Heat three

Things are hotting up as we reveal more nominees

Cardiff BNOC of the year 2017: Heat two

Four more Cardiff legends have been revealed

It’s about to get Hot in Herre: Nelly will be performing at the SU

No, it isn’t just a dream

The eagerly awaited Cardiff’s BNOC of the year 2017 is finally here: time for heat one

We can exclusively reveal the first 4 nominees

Tell us your Cardiff options and we’ll tell you who to vote for

To save you the bother of actually watching the news

There’s a new app in Cardiff to alert people of any major incidents

The app aims to help people during major incidents such as fire, flooding or an act of terrorism.

Nominations are now open for Cardiff’s BNOC of the Year 2017

Do you know any campus legends?

The obvious reasons why Cardiff is one of the Top 50 best universities in the country

University isn’t all about grades you know

Former Big Brother runner up Joel Williams wins seat in Cardiff local elections

He has been elected County Councillor for Pontprennau and Old St Mellons

Anthony Joshua’s rematch against Klitschko might take place in Cardiff

Another date to put in your calendar…

Finally, there are plans to make St David’s Day a bank holiday

Corbyn is finally giving Wales what they’ve wanted for years

Taly Court is one of the top 10 Uber destinations in Cardiff this year

Who can be bothered to walk to lectures nowadays?

A roundup of everything that happened at this year’s Welsh Varsity

Shoes off if you hate Swansea

Everything that’s going on in Cardiff this St Patrick’s Day

Get the Guinness ready…

As the home of Branston Pickle, Marmite, and Bovril, Burton-on-Trent is the greatest town in the UK

B.O.T represent