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Here are all the ways you can make the most out of your reading week in Cardiff

If you’re one of the lucky BA students of course

Reading week is upon us which means we're halfway through first semester. Between catching up on all of the workload you've been putting off this term, it's also important to get out and do some things for yourself. Cardiff isn't just Greyfriars Road and the St David's Centre, there is a lot more to explore whist you can to tick off your uni bucket list. So if you fancy procrastinating this reading week or just taking a well deserved break, we've got your backs. Here are a few ideas of some different things to do in Cardiff.

Treetop Adventure Golf

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgic crazy golf and for the more competitive individuals out there, the Treetop Adventure Golf in St David's is the perfect activity. Not only can you see who is the best golfer in the group is, but you can also make a day of it as it's open all day and is in the perfect location to grab some food and drinks afterwards.

Barry Island

If it's one of those gorgeous autumn days get out of Cardiff for a change and get a train down to Barry Island from Cathays. It's just £4 for a return ticket, so you can easily fit it into your student budget while spending the day by a beach and exploring the promenade, arcades and the famous Gavin and Stacey landmarks. The fish and chips aren't too shabby either and will make you feel like you're really on your hols.

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Just popping in to Gwen's house for an omelette

National Museum Cardiff

Not only is the museum crammed full of interesting natural history, it is also free. The museum always has different exhibitions on and you can convince yourself that it isn't procrastination because technically you're still learning. It's a win-win situation and is near town so you could easily get food after.

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay offers so much to do outside of the city centre. Whether you want a nice meal, a long walk with lots of fresh air or want to visit some attractions, you won't regret spending a day there. The Mermaid Quay boardwalk has plenty of great restaurants and cool bars and if its sunny and sitting out by the harbour is pure bliss.

You can also take a nice and easy stroll along the Cardiff Bay Barrage. Not only does this walk have some gorgeous sights, but it homes one of the fanciest Wetherspoons you'll ever see.

Going to the Bay is also a bargain as you can get a train from Cathays for less than £3, or if you feel you need to walk off the regret from the night before, it can be done in under an hour.

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Visit Roath Park Lake

A pretty park where Tracy Beaker was once filmed, it's legendary and worth a visit.

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Try a new bar, club or restaurant

Okay, you might really love Quids In on a Monday and The Lash on a Wednesday, but there are more clubs and bars in Cardiff outside the SU and Pryzm. Why not go to a new bar, like Gwdihw Cafebar, or head over to Gin and Juice for some of their beautiful smoothie bowls. The Alchemist is also relatively new in Cardiff and has some amazing scientific cocktail concoctions.

For somewhere a bit different you can also head to Science Cream and be served liquid nitrogen ice cream, or to Bubbeology to experience their Japanese inspired bubble tea. For something more substantial, you can take on a sarnie from New York Deli or keeping it close to Taly, Hogwurst is a favourite too.

Cardiff Castle

Venture beyond Cathays and explore Cardiff Castle. You may walk past it all of the time but you'll really notice how special it is if you head in to the castle grounds. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have also set foot there. Afterwards you could take a leisurely stroll through Bute Park to blow away the cobwebs of too many nights out.

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Explore the Arcades

The arcades hidden throughout Cardiff's City Centre are the gems of the capital. The arcades are home to many independently owned cafes and shops which served some of the best food and unique trinkets. Why not go shopping and make your way to Sobey's vintage shop, or Hobos for some vintage designer pieces? Then grab a coffee in one of the cafes.

Bute Park

Everyone in Cardiff must experience Bute park at some time in their Cardiff life. With it being right next to Taly you can't really call yourself a true member of The Diff until you've been. It's the ideal place to unwind all year round. It's perfect for summer BBQs, winter walks with fresh air to aid the nausea from the hangover and everything in between.

As exhilarating as city life can be, it is so nice to get away from it all and relax.

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Go to the cinema

It might seem obvious, but many students forget that you can see films for an incredibly cheap price at both Vue and Cineworld in the city centre. For £3 there is no reason not to go and see Bohemian Rhapsody or A Star is Born – that's if you've not already seen it.

Climb Pen y Fan

A good way to clear your head from the fast pace of uni life, is to reconnect with nature. Going to the Brecon Beacons and going on the Pen y Fan walk is one of the best ways to rid of hangovers and the stresses of uni. You're also guaranteed to hit that 10,000 step count. Now is the best time to go before it gets too cold and icy too, and a train to the Brecon Beacons is so cheap.

Whatever you do, don't waste all your time in the library procrastinating.