Chloe-Ann Roberts
Chloe-Ann Roberts

Stop what you’re doing and find out what your fave Lidl bakery item says about you

It’s scientifically proven.

The WiFi is finally back, in Taly, Aberconway library and the ASSL

Trust Eduroam to be flakey at this time of year

The ASSL and the Aberconway library, and Taly have lost WiFi in the middle of exam and dissertation season

Shock horror.

Plan a night out in Cardiff and we’ll tell you where to watch the England vs Wales game

How else would you decide?

Welsh students next year are going to be eligible for a load of new grants up to £10,000

Where do I sign up?

What type of uni relationship are you actually in?

Being the virgin sucks

Law degrees aren’t nearly as hard as they’re made out to be

Being a law student isn’t that bad so shut up about it being ‘the hardest degree’