Bethany Essam-Wood
Features Editor of The Cardiff Tab

Someone found a hamster behind the SU and no one knows who owns it

How do you prove it’s yours??

Is Fam Fish curry sauce Vegan? We found out so you don’t have to

Veganuary has got us thinking

Stormzy announces he’s backing Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the general election

He sent an open letter in support of Labour

We’ve been all over and discovered the best and worst toilets on Cardiff uni campus

Spoiler alert: They’re all gross

Cardiff SU will officially support UCU Strike Action following AGM motion

Most sabbatical officers abstained from the vote

Everyone in Torquay has a bitter-sweet relationship with Park Lane

Don’t deny it, you all love the big chair

Grab your coats: ‘Wrap Up Cardiff’ needs your help!

The campaign wants your unwanted coats

I went to a BSc lecture and it was much harder than my BA lectures

Disclaimer: I learnt zero physics

Crackin’ News: Nessa will be turning on the Christmas lights in Barry this year

Ow ow ow, Merry Christmas

Calling all Cardiff students: Vote for your favourite Welsh icon to be commemorated

Big up Roald Dahl

There are protests in Cardiff city centre over Samsung’s union busting

The Bristol students are part of People and Planet

We asked other Universities what they REALLY think of Cardiff Uni students

‘Doesn’t it have a castle?’

Why The Circle is the best reality TV show right now

Trust us on this one

Wondering how to make the most of Freshers’ Week? These are the must go-to events this year

Just thank us later

A love letter to Cathays

It’s a bitter-sweet relationship

Omg! Smack is moving to Story, the new multi-million pound Glam refurb

Paper treating us students well, as always

The worst things about being home from uni over summer

Being grounded at the age of 20 is not how summer should be spent

Bog off your uni work because Tracy Beaker is coming to Cardiff

From The Dumping Ground to Pryzm, Dani Harmer will be here to get us through exam season

This is why it’s so important to vote in the SU elections

There is definitely a point in voting