These are the crucial things you need to know about being a Cardiff Uni fresher

Congrats, you’re going to a Russell Group Uni

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A-Level's are long in the past and congratulations, you're going to uni – and you're an absolute legend if you've made it to Cardiff.

The Diff will change you and become part of your DNA, so much so that you'll end up taking your habits home for the holidays. Like every other uni, Cardiff has its specific niches and there are many tips and tricks you'll need to know to survive your three years in the Welsh capital.

So we have compiled a list of the top ten crucial things you need to know about being a Cardiff fresher:

VK will become part of your life

It is without question that no matter who you are, VK will take over your life as soon as you set foot in Cardiff. The Students' Union is one of the biggest VK suppliers in the country and it even has its own VK bar.

VK is an alcopop that's existence is hidden until you come to uni. For some reason, many people have never actually heard of the sweet nectar prior to uni, however that soon changes.

VK are the sort of drink you guzzle down, forgetting they contain alcohol. They taste like fizzy J2Os, but by the time you're 12 bottles down, you can't stop the inevitable VK chunder.

The best flavour by far is orange and passion fruit. But as long as you have at least two VK in each hand, no one will judge you.

Fattoush is the drunk fresher-hangout

Located too comfortably across from the Talybont student residences, Fattoush is the post-night out freshers hub. From late at night until dawn, you can guarantee the tiny takeaway will be full to the brim with freshers demanding cheesy chips and garlic mayo. Fattoush also serves some of the best burgers and kebabs in Cardiff, and you will definitely live for their £5.50 pizza and chips deal.

Going to the SU poster and plant sale changes you

It really doesn't matter who you are before uni, you will instantly become a tapestry-hanging, cacti loving basic bitch. This is thanks to the likes of the SU poster and plant sale. Everyone thinks they're hip and unique with their Pink Floyd Back Catalogue poster, until they see it on many other uni bedroom walls across the UK.

Embrace your new individual identity.

Free shit, free shit everywhere

Whether it's from societies, SU clubs, or promotional freshers' nights, you're bound to get given a huge amount of free stuff during Freshers' Week.

By the time it's Christmas you'll regret the amount of free canvas bags full of leaflets and pens you collected in your first week at Cardiff. However, there are major benefits to going to these Freshers' Fairs though, such as being able to win a "feed your flat for free" Domino's deal. You can also get a hefty amount of free condoms which may come in handy.

Much like the poster and plant sale, you have to embrace it.

Freshers' flu is coming, and this is how to prepare

It is inevitable that you will endure freshers' flu within your first few weeks of being in Cardiff, no matter how strong you think your immune system is. Everybody is coming from all corners of the globe to Cardiff and that means lots of strains of fun germs will be ready to infect vulnerable freshers.

The key to surviving this menace is Day and Night Nurse and luckily prescriptions are free in Wales, so being ill won't break the bank.

Taly is the place to be for pres

The Talybont residences are the uni halls to be at during freshers – if not the whole year. A string of vastly different songs can be heard as you walk towards the student haven from North Road. Taly South is the loudest, even when you walk through on your morning stroll to Tesco you'll probably hear drum and bass blasting out. Regardless, Taly is lit and is where you want to be this term. It's even close enough to McDonald's, just incase you wanted a cheeky cheeseburger mid-pres.

Also whilst you're there, you'll definitely see more than a few silver fish milling around. You may not have heard of them before, but you will never forget them by the time you leave Taly.

Lidl bakery will become your best friend

When term actually begins and you find yourself at uni all day, the best place to head when the hunger pangs start will be Lidl bakery. Who needs a pricey meal deal at uni with a limited choice of sandwiches, when you can get a Mediterranean pesto and feta pastry with a drink for under £1 from Lidl?

When the real work starts and you spend endless hours in the ASSL, you'll get to know the Lidl bakery even better – especially when it fuels you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hoffi Coffi crossroad will be the bane of your life

Situated amongst the Cardiff University buildings, the large Hoffi Coffi crossroads which segregate Park Place from Colum Road and Corbett Road will become the absolute bane of your life.

If you're hurriedly rushing to your 9am lecture, you can guarantee the crossroad lights will be on red. They always are at the most inconvenient of times and take forever to go onto green. You'll probably be plagued by seagulls and the stench of Colum Road bin day whilst you're waiting there too.

Choose your club nights and wristbands wisely

As soon as the uni acceptance letter comes through, the onslaught of club nights and special wristbands will be coming soon after. Don't go crazy though, most nights will not sell out, and you won't need to arrive there for 10.30 queue jump. Because if you do that you'll be waiting hours for the club to get lively and you'll be sober by the time that happens.

Be spontaneous, you don't have to pre-plan everything. Start pre drinking and then decide where you're heading. Not having a plan can actually work out better sometimes and can be more fun.

So, no matter who you are now, Cardiff will change you. You may not be partial to the odd alcopop now, but you won't be able to resist the sweet nectar of the orange and passionfruit VK in a few months time.