Revision aid petting zoo is back

It will be returning to ASSL gardens tomorrow

Students will have the opportunity to come and say hello to the friendly farm animals from 12-2pm on Friday 20th May.

The animals will be brought to the Arts and Social Sciences library garden for the afternoon.


The petting zoo is designed to allow students a small break from revision and all Cardiff University students are invited to attend.

This event is part of the Revision Aid project currently happening around the university.

Throughout the exam season free tea, coffee and biscuits are provided to all the hard workers in library.

VP Education Sophie Timbers commented: “The aim of the petting zoo is to give students the chance to de-stress and relax, away from their studies.”

“There will be a range of different farm animals at the zoo tomorrow, including lambs, goats, and many more. We will also be handing out free teas and coffees for all students.”

First year Eleanor Ferrelly, who studies medicine, said: “I hope they have baby goats, I’m going to steal one if they do.”