Campus street style

You’re all wurkin’ it

The Tab Cardiff headed out into Cathays to source out the best winter garms gracing campus.

This week brought us a whole load of autumnal clothing, including colourful jumpers, chunky scarfs, stylish coats and appropriate footwear to prevent injury, or death, from the slippery leaves of Park Place.

Nia and Thistle, third year, Social Science

Isabelle, fresher, Politics

Amy, fresher, Accounting and Finance

Jess, Lily, Becky and Becky, second year, Geography

Patrick, fresher, Business

Jess, second year, Journalism

Lily, fresher, Sociology and Alice, second year, Geography

Holly, fresher, Geography

Connor, fresher, Business and German

Dan, fresher, International Business and Spanish, Cardiff Met