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Shannen Bulley
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First release tickets sold out for freshers festival Inside Out

The full line-up has been announced

Chase and Status and Tinie Tempah to headline new Cardiff festival

Inside Out Festival will go ahead in September during Freshers

The ground floor of the SU is being redeveloped

Don’t worry, Magic Wrap is still open until 29th May.

New student accommodation approved for Cardiff city centre

It will neighbour the Chapel 1877 restaurant and bar

Taking a gap year after uni is better than before

Who really wants to be looking at grad schemes when they could be researching Goa?

Basement Jaxx to headline Color Fest

More acts to be announced shortly

Mo Farah took bronze in World Half Marathon in Cardiff

Farah’s time was 59 minutes 59 seconds

Cardiff named top university for best social life

Cardiff University shares the top spot with three other universities

Jury unable to reach verdict over Gorsedd Gardens sexual assault

The jury has been discharged and Khalid Alahmadi is released on bail

Gorsedd Gardens sexual assault accused says he was only “offering” support to victim

He claims she put her hand down his jeans and kissed him first.

People shouldn’t make me feel guilty for missing a lecture because I’m hungover

Should I attempt to make it to my next lecture? Or should I spend the day watching Netflix?

An ode to Revs

All those flavoured vodka shots

Grace-face, pout or photobomb: What your club photo pose says about you

It says A LOT.

The promoter is the archangel of university

Hovering above you, sprinkling you with Grey Goose and VIP bands

Cathays attacks rapist has been jailed for twelve years

The jury took just over 30 minutes to decide

Rugby boys are more than just a good rig

They study, train and still have the energy to down pints in Y Plas

Our night working behind the Family Fish Bar counter

They sell more than 100 sausages a night

Cat café to open in Cardiff

You can enjoy a cuppa tea and cake with rescue cats

There is a secret dining room above Burger King in town

They use it for interviews

Tickets already sold out for Beyoncé nights across Cardiff

‘Cos we like to partaaay.

Fresher left on crutches after being stood on by rugby boy

She had severe tissue damage in her foot

Mo Farah to run World Half Marathon Championships in Cardiff

The five-time world champion will be running the streets of Cathays

First release tickets for the Justin Bieber Appreciation Society have sold out

They went on sale yesterday

Meet the graduate who runs a fashion label with her mum

They’ve been on ASOS and everything

Wales to be battered by storms of hail and sleet

No snow in Cardiff though

Uber is launching in Cardiff

Maybe we’ll be able to get a taxi home now

There was a powercut in Glam last night

Level One shutdown

Meet the Taly South fresher who lap dances to fund her lavish lifestyle

Apparently the money is insane

If you haven’t been to an after party on Miskin Street, you’re doing Cardiff wrong

Partying, partying, yeah!

Meet the anti-feminist Cardiff fresher who doesn’t plan to have a girlfriend

He claims he was forced to move out after he was cornered by his feminist flatmates

Why is everyone in Revs so fit?

Congrats if you’ve made it in, you’re a worldie

BPOC: Princess Bunni

The name is a play on words

Taxi drivers have explained why they refuse fares

They’ve had 95 complaints in six weeks

Where is Cardiff’s best smoking area?

No, not you Retros

What was your first email address?

No mum, MSN is not a chat room

BPOC: Tenofish and Topfish

The finterview

How to survive the Student Lock-In

Preparation is key to shopping success

Where you buy your pre-drinks says a lot about you

If you bring Grey Goose you’re a chump