Pip Bartlett
Cardiff Fashion Editor of The Tab

More than 100 European students withdraw from Aberystwyth because of Brexit

Approximately 50 students pulled out the day after the referendum

There are now fewer men than women applying to university

The number of male applicants has fallen for the first time in five years

A Coyote Ugly bar is opening in Cardiff

The bar will be based on the cult film and will open in September

Oxford is the second most expensive place to live in the UK

A pint can set you back four quid

Can guys and girls ever just be friends?

There’s always that mate Jen tho

‘Theresa May, sashay away’: We talked to the protesters outside Downing Street

There were people dressed up as our new Prime Minister, dancing around and singing

Nearly half of all female barristers have experienced sexist bullying in their job

Over two thirds considered leaving the Bar because of it

Tribute to be paid to Alice Byron at graduation

The English school will ‘celebrate her life, and applaud’ her 2:1

Sadiq Khan has just moved one step closer to closing the gender pay gap in London

The self-proclaimed ‘proud feminist’ called current wage differences for men and women ‘unnacceptable’

Food you have to eat in Guildford this summer

Kokoro is life

These are all the places you can meet Love Island’s Terry this summer

Tel’s coming to a tragic club near you

I don’t care what the experts say, being an only child doesn’t mess you up

I’m not a spoilt brat either

The internet roasted me for saying I hate Beyoncé

The Beyhive are insane

Why I hate Beyoncé

Sorry, she’s overrated

Why I hate Beyoncé

Sorry, she’s overrated

Languages are by far the hardest degrees

No, you can’t just Google Translate it

Cardiff University staff are going on strike

They’re striking over a national dispute on pay

I don’t get Beyoncé’s ‘Ivy Park’ clothing line

What’s wrong with Sports Direct?

Two teams from Cardiff are doing the Red Bull ‘Can You Make It?’ challenge

They were chosen out of 3000 applicants

Investigations are underway following yesterday’s fire on City Road

City Road remains closed